Celebrating Four Years of DeFiChain: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

May 13, 2024

Four years ago, on 11 May 2020, the DeFiChain blockchain was born with the minting of its genesis block, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Since that pivotal moment, DeFiChain has not only captivated the hearts of countless DeFi enthusiasts but has also emerged as a dynamic and ever-evolving blockchain ecosystem, seamlessly combining Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As we reflect on this remarkable journey, it's inspiring to witness the numerous milestones and accomplishments the DeFiChain Labs team together with the DeFiChain community has achieved in the last 12 months. To commemorate these events, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the highlights of the past year, showcasing the key breakthroughs and significant milestones that have shaped DeFiChain.

Q2 2023

DeFiChain’s New Architecture: EVM and UTXO Integration on DeFiChain
In this article we explore the new groundbreaking architecture of DeFiChain’s MetaChain that adds EVM support.
Changi TestNet is Live: How to Connect & Get Free Tokens
MetaChain revolutionizes the Web3 landscape by providing a seamless gateway to interact with diverse blockchain protocols, simplifying the development process, and making dApp usage a breeze for end users. Try it out and start using the TestNet.

Q3 2023

Special DFIPs: A breakdown of what it means for DeFiChain
In this article we will break down two recent Special DFIPs #285 and DFIP #286 and eximine their implications
Spotlight OpenDAppsCloud: Decentralized Companies of the Future
In a recent DeFiChain X community space, Kiril, the CEO of OpenDAppsCloud, shared insights into how private companies can use decentralization to create automated and autonomous on-chain businesses.
Introducing the DeFiChain’s Community Rewards Campaign
This campaign honors your unwavering support, commitment, and engagement as a community member, offering exclusive rewards as a token of appreciation.
MetaChain Layer Blazing Ahead: Tech Talk With U-zyn, CTO, DeFiChain Labs
The MetaChain Layer is now in its 12th beta iteration! In the past few weeks, MetaChain Layer performed impeccably with no glitches. This is all thanks to the team prioritizing stability and security over new product launches since beta 9. A Peek Behind the Development Veil In software development, the

Q4 2023

From Acceleration to Advancement: DeFiChain Labs Leads the Way to MetaChain MainNet
Welcome to DeFiChain Labs, an innovative platform that synergizes with the upcoming launch of MetaChain’s Mainnet layer. DeFiChain Labs signifies the next phase of DeFiChain’s evolution.
DeFiChain Labs Announces DeFiChain Hackathon and Learn & Earn to Amplify Developer Engagement and Ecosystem Growth
DeFiChain Labs Announces DeFiChain Hackathon and Learn & Earn to Amplify Developer Engagement and Ecosystem Growth
Project Spotlight: VanillaSwap and its Role in the DeFiChain Ecosystem
In a recent DeFiChain X community space, Dominic, the CEO of VanillaSwap, shared insights into how they are bringing the familiar navigation of DEXes like Uniswap to DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer.
Project Spotlight: DeFiChain Domains – Simplifying Crypto Transactions in the Web3 Era
DeFiChain Domains envisions a future where complex wallet addresses become obsolete. Users execute cryptocurrency transactions seamlessly by directing funds towards easy-to-remember domain names, thereby simplifying and enhancing the user experience.
Learn, Build, Earn: How DeFiChain’s Learn & Earn Takes Developer Education to the Next Level
Mark your calendar: DeFiChain’s Learn & Earn program is coming your way! From 3 Nov to 17 Nov, participate in the Learn & Earn for a chance to win prizes from a pool of $10,000.
Project Spotlight: Ebox – On-chain Escrow Service for DeFiChain
In a recent episode of DeFiChain X community space, Paul, the founder of ebox, provided valuable insights into their mission to protect DeFiChain users. ebox aims to become a sophisticated, smart contract-driven digital escrow service, designed to facilitate seamless fund transfers among multiple parties with minimal errors or failures. This
DeFiChain Labs Drives Forward With Independent and Bold Vision
DeFiChain is a permissionless blockchain explicitly designed to support decentralized financial applications. It enables users to build and innovate on-chain securely, transparently, and efficiently. We are eagerly anticipating the next milestone in our journey with the integration of the MetaChain (EVM) layer–scheduled to take place on 15th November. This
The MetaChain Layer is Now LIVE!
The MetaChain layer marks the culmination of over two years of steadfast ideation and rigorous development. Its activation is a milestone in advancing blockchain technology to new heights of functionality and reliability and ultimately make DeFi accessible for everyone.
DeFiChain DevHack Hackathon 2023 Powered by AWS: Innovate and Win on DeFiChain!
Blockchain developers, get ready for the most exciting hackathon of the year! DeFiChain DevHack powered by AWS 2023 is your gateway to showcase your skills and creativity to reshape how we interact with the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.
Project Spotlight: DMC Universe – Your Portal to the MetaChain Galaxy
DMC Universe aspires to be the central hub for all projects building on DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer. Find out more about it in this blog post.
Project Spotlight: Javsphere - Your Gateway to DeFiChain’s MetaChain Layer Products
Javsphere aspires to create a platform that offers a simplified gateway into DeFiChain MetaChain (DMC) products for users of all skill levels.

Q1 2024

DeFiChain’s Community Reward Campaign 3.0
The Community Reward Campaign 3.0 is a multi-stage event that interweaves social media engagement, educational initiatives, and on-chain activities – all with attractive crypto rewards to be won. Check it out now!
Munich’s DeFiChain Meetup: A Thriving Hub of Blockchain Innovation
This weekend, Munich hosted the DeFiChain Community Meetup, combining its traditional charm with modern innovation. The event a huge crowd from the DeFiChain community who were eager to share their passion for all things DeFiChain and the future of DeFi.
DeFiChain’s Roadmap for the First Half of 2024
DeFiChain aims to lead decentralized finance evolution through expanding capabilities, accessibility and real-world impact. Following discussions between DeFiChain Labs and community, an ambitious roadmap was formulated charting the course for 2024’s first half.
Project Spotlight: OctoDeFi
In this article we’re spotlighting another exciting project on the MetaChain layer - OctoDeFi. OctoDeFi aims to be the most flexible and modular crypto wallet for all things DeFiChain MetaChain (EVM) layer.
Project Spotlight: Stably
In this article we’re spotlighting another exciting project - Stably. Stably aims to be the leading fiat onramp in the industry and unlocks new avenues for bridging traditional finance with blockchain’s potential.
The Ideological Framework of DeFiChain: How It Unlocks Limitless Possibilities
Learn more about the ideological framework of DeFiChain, comprising Layer 0, Layer 1, Layer 1.5, and Layer 2, and explore how these layers synergize to create a robust and versatile DeFi platform.
Project Spotlight: DEX Trading Live
This spotlight is about DEX Trading Live - an educational initiative aimed at promoting decentralized trading. DEX Trading Live strives to become the most comprehensive learning resource for trading on DeFiChain’s decentralized exchange (DEX).
WebAssembly: The Game-Changer for Blockchain Performance and Flexibility
Unlock the power of WebAssembly (WASM) and its transformative impact on the blockchain industry. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of WebAssembly, exploring what it is, how it works, and its implications for the web3 and cryptocurrency industry.
Project Spotlight: CRYPTO FACTOR
This spotlight is about CRYPTO FACTOR - a new DMC project researching the future of digital infrastructure and the cutting-edge technology that will drive digital efficiency and freedom. CRYPTO FACTOR aims to become a one-stop-shop for anyone aspiring to launch their own crypto project.
DeFiChain Implements New Hardfork Schedule for More Predictability
DeFiChain will implement hardforks every three months at the latest, starting from the end of March/early April 2024. This new cadence replaces the previous ad hoc approach to software updates and protocol changes.
The Multichain Variants of $DFI: What You Need to Know
The blockchain landscape is evolving. Similar to how the Internet evolved from isolated networks into a seamless, interconnected ecosystem, blockchain is undergoing its own shift. This transformation will make blockchain technology more approachable and user-friendly, particularly for those new to the space. At present, decentralized applications (DApps) can be complicated
Project Spotlight: CrowdSwap
Today, we shine the spotlight on CrowdSwap, an exciting new project revolutionizing the DeFi experience. CrowdSwap offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to simplify and streamline the world of decentralized finance.

With that, we take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone - our team members, DeFiChain community members and all stakeholders - for their much valued support. Truly, our success is your success!


Decentralized finance enabled on Bitcoin. A blockchain dedicated to fast, intelligent and transparent financial services, accessible by everyone.

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