Project Spotlight: Javsphere - Your Gateway to DeFiChain’s MetaChain Layer Products

Dec 4, 2023

DeFiChain’s passionate community is defined by talented people from diverse backgrounds, all united by advancing decentralized finance. 

Today, we spotlight three such contributors. 

Mark, Sebastian, and Igor, the co-founders of Javsphere, have come together to create a platform that offers a simplified gateway into DeFiChain MetaChain (DMC) products for users of all skill levels.

From Newcomers to Community Builders

Javsphere emerged from a shared passion for furthering DeFiChain adoption among its founders - Mark, Sebastian, and Igor. 

Mark entered crypto in 2017 amidst growing curiosity and shifted from his long-standing corporate career to focus on DeFiChain education and growth. 

Known for spearheading the popular DeFiChain News Show and fireside chats, he became an influential voice in the ecosystem.

As newcomers asked Mark for crypto guidance, he began to recognize obstacles in the user experience journey. This led to the forming of Javsphere — a way to remove barriers for non-crypto natives while keeping the advantages of DeFi.

Sebastian's story complements Mark's. A German native who moved to Portugal, Sebastian comes from a corporate business development and marketing background, particularly at SAP. Sebastian brought a strategic mindset to Javsphere, shaping its direction and vision.

Igor similarly found himself fielding inquiries from his user base after developing an income-tracking platform for DeFiChain rewards distribution. He was attracted to Javsphere due to the project's unique technical approach to ensuring user security.

Once connected, the trio combined their specialized expertise in business strategy, marketing, software engineering, and ecosystem experience to launch Javsphere as the gateway to DMC products.

The Javsphere Name

The Javsphere name blends references to pop culture and decentralized finance into one. It originated from the famous artificial intelligence "butler" J.A.R.V.I.S. featured in Iron Man - which the team initially considered naming their project.

With J.A.R.V.I.S. invoking notions of an automated assistant, the team felt it aligned well with their mission to simplify DeFiChain interactions. By tweaking the spelling to "JAVLIS," it became JAVLIS, the cash flow butler.

While JAVLIS aimed at easy point-of-access for onboarding newcomers to crypto and planned to be structured as a company providing services to FIAT customers, the team decided to put the centralized product offering on the back burner to build a decentralized version for the DeFi community first.

So, the fully decentralized project Javsphere was born that will in 2024 also feature its own utility token $JAV. The “sphere” part was added to the name as a way to represent Javsphere’s vision to unite scattered DMC ecosystem offerings into an integrated hub (or “sphere”).

By developing an easy point-of-access for onboarding newcomers onto DMC through Javsphere, the project seeks to simplify investing in DeFi and push for greater blockchain adoption.

Javsphere – A Gateway to DMC Products

Javsphere was born to attract newcomers to DeFiChain by removing the complexities of DeFi without compromising the benefits of decentralization. 

Mark elaborates, “We provide tools that allow easy investment into DeFiChain products for crypto and non-crypto people. The simplicity of our user interfaces is key.”

Currently still in the early stages, the roadmap focuses on aggregating existing MetaChain offerings alongside launching original ones. 

Users of varying knowledge levels can access opportunities on a unified platform instead of needing to research and piece together bits of information individually. Over time, more advanced features for experienced crypto users will be introduced to the platform.

Javsphere’s multi-product approach also ensures beginners aren’t overwhelmed. As Igor explains - "We build complete, simple investment products rather than many to avoid confusion." 

Architecturally, the front end of the platform interacts with MetaChain while tapping into DeFiChain’s native DVM layer for its underlying security. The team is always open to community developers' open-source code reviews to strengthen security and trustlessness.

Exploring Javsphere's Product Suite

Javsphere offers a diverse range of products catering to varying risk appetites and investment goals across DeFiChain's ecosystem. 

Their suite features five core offerings:

  • StakeX - A premier staking solution to earn rewards on assets like dUSD through participation incentives. Using smart contracts, users can stake effortlessly on Javsphere. In 2024 staking of Javsphere’s native token $JAV token will be added. 
  • CryoVault - This "freezer" feature boosts StakeX rewards by locking assets for fixed periods of time, enabling maximized yield generation.
  • YieldFusion - A liquidity aggregator that bundles pre-vetted MetaChain projects into diversified baskets for one-click investing.
  • AutoPilot - Automatically rebalances portfolios based on algorithms. It plans to incorporate yield generation contracts using DeFiChain's dToken systems in the future.
  • LeverageBooster - Allows amplifying exposures to DeFiChain's native tokens through leverage for more aggressive traders.

The products are divided into three broad categories – native layer integrations, MetaChain aggregations, and proprietary applications

By providing tailored offerings for users of varying expertise levels, Javsphere seeks to be a one-stop portal satisfying every investment need within DeFiChain’s maturing ecosystem.

Overcoming Obstacles: Challenges and Recommendations

As with many trailblazers in the space, the Javsphere team has faced its fair share of struggles along the way. 

Maintaining decentralization ideals while working in an effectively centralized team has been a tightrope walk.

Simultaneously, focusing on product development for their initial offerings versus scoping future roadmap features has required balance. Co-founder Sebastian notes, “Delivering finished products is better than 10 half-done attempts.”

According to the founders, seeking honest feedback from engaged community members and collaborating with reputable developers has also been crucial. 

For aspiring DMC projects, the Javsphere team recommends leading with transparency and demonstrating value immediately before fundraising activities. Mark explains - "Too many expect quick capital without proving concepts first."

Additionally, they advise starting small instead of overextending capabilities out the gate. "Iterative releases gather feedback to determine prudent next steps", Igor notes. "Let your initial users guide expansion."

While challenges arise daily in uncharted waters, dedication pays dividends in time. As Javsphere prepares for its DUSD staking product launch in December 2022, its vision is gradually crossing the threshold from ideas to reality. 

We encourage our readers to check out the Javsphere website as well as the Javsphere Twitter / X account for more information about product launches and more:

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