Changi TestNet is Live: How to Connect & Get Free Tokens

Jul 20, 2023

The new and complex world of Web3, filled with a variety of blockchain protocols, presents a challenging landscape for both developers and users. Fragmentation risks hindering the growth of this new realm, with developers needing to adapt to different chains and users interacting with decentralized applications (dApps).

At the same time end users must navigate these complexities to interact with decentralized applications (dApps). The future of Web3 thus hinges on finding ways to break down these barriers and create an interoperable, inclusive ecosystem. This is where MetaChain comes in.

MetaChain is an unique platform designed to streamline the Web3 landscape by providing an interoperability solution that serves both developers and end users. It can be best described as a powerful gateway that abstracts away interoperability bottlenecks and centralization, ultimately facilitating a seamless interaction with the diverse universe of blockchain protocols.

What does this mean for developers?

MetaChain is a harmonized platform for developers to build upon and interact with end users. The core of its uniqueness lies in the universal tooling system it offers, which eliminates the need for developers to adapt to the fragmented systems across multiple chains. By providing a consistent development experience, MetaChain ensures that developers can prioritize creating robust, valuable applications rather than being entangled in the technical minutiae of different blockchain protocols.

In the future, for instance, a developer who builds a project on Solana no longer needs to comprehend the unique Tendermint protocol of Cosmos to deploy on it. With MetaChain, they can deploy their project simultaneously to any supported blockchains, thereby significantly enhancing their productivity and scope.

How does this affect end users?

On the other hand, MetaChain also dramatically simplifies the user experience in the Web3 space. By abstracting the complexities associated with different blockchains, it makes interacting with dApps a breeze. Users are no longer required to decode the intricacies of multiple blockchains, significantly lowering the entry barrier to the decentralized world.

For example, an end user on Solana wanting to interact with a dApp on Arbitrum would typically need to move cross-chain to use it. However, with MetaChain, users can engage with dApps on any supported chain without such hassles.

By creating a user-friendly environment, MetaChain aims to attract a larger audience to interact with dApps, promoting an inclusive web3 ecosystem. With its unique offering, MetaChain stands out as a catalyst driving the seamless integration of multiple blockchains, encouraging greater participation and fostering the proliferation of the web3 space.

How to run a node and connect to the MetaChain TestNet: A Step-by-Step Guide

As we edge closer to MetaChain’s MainNet launch, there's never been a better time to experience firsthand what MetaChain offers. If running a node and connecting to the "Changi" TestNet, sparks your interest, we've prepared a detailed guide to help you navigate the process. Keep in mind that "Changi" TestNet is presently in its Beta phase, which means it might undergo changes and occasionally face execution failures, data persistence issues, and periodic rollbacks.

How to connect to TestNet with MetaMask

If your interest lies in interfacing with "Changi" TestNet using MetaMask—be it for executing fund transfers on the "Ethereum" side of DeFiChain or deploying smart contracts—we have a dedicated, in-depth guide for that purpose which is accessible here. Alternatively you can also watch this short step-by-step video tuturial here:

Please use the following Metamask network settings:

Network name: MetaChain TestNet
Chain ID: 1133
Currency Symbol: DFI

How to claim your free DFI TestNet tokens

Moreover, don't let the chance to get some free DFI TestNet tokens slip by! Just head over to the mydefichain faucet and request some test tokens (you can request 100 DFI per 6 hours). If you need further help or want to discuss developer related subjects, feel free to join our dedicated Discord channel here.

Don't let the future pass you by. Dive headfirst into the realm of blockchain with MetaChain. Engage directly with DeFiChain’s groundbreaking technology and join us at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Start your journey with MetaChain today!


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