DeFiChain Labs Announces DeFiChain Hackathon and Learn & Earn to Amplify Developer Engagement and Ecosystem Growth

Oct 18, 2023

Following the approval of DFIP 2111-B to integrate native support for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on DeFiChain, our dedicated engineering team has been working tirelessly to bring this vision to life. This monumental step heralds the arrival of MetaChain layer, a game-changer for the DeFiChain community for several compelling reasons:

  • Cross-Operability with Ethereum: the MetaChain layer enables seamless interaction between DeFiChain tokens and the Ethereum ecosystem. This opens up new avenues for liquidity and attracts heightened interest towards DeFiChain.
  • Fostering dApp Development: The EVM compatibility allows for a wider range of decentralized applications to be developed on DeFiChain, inviting more developers, content, and users to our community.

In a significant move to further this initiative, the DeFiChain Labs team has received 350,000 DFI via CFP-2208-05 to launch the Hackathon in partnership with Devfolio, a leading hackathon organizer with a broad community of skilled developers, particularly in Asia. This initiative expands DeFiChain's outreach beyond its traditional base and aims to catalyze the development of diverse dApps, thereby promoting healthy growth momentum for the ecosystem.

Remarkably, the majority of the funds are allocated to reward Hackathon participants (85%), while the remainder will be used for Marketing and Project Management.

Moreover, DeFiChain Labs successfully managed to lower the Hackathon costs substantially, freeing up extra funds. These funds will be redirected to support the Learn & Earn program, more information on this directly below.

As part of DeFiChain’s ongoing efforts to nurture talent in the Web3 space, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration with Learn & Earn platform, StackUp. Together, we will launch a Learn & Earn program designed to equip developers with the necessary tools and skills to build on DeFiChain. This engaging program features a series of quests that take developers on a journey through the DeFiChain ecosystem, familiarizing them with its MetaChain layer and offering hands-on experience in building on-chain solutions.

In conclusion, these initiatives collectively provide developers the skills to create groundbreaking decentralized applications on one of the world's largest blockchains, thereby elevating the DeFiChain ecosystem to new heights.


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