Project Spotlight: VanillaSwap and its Role in the DeFiChain Ecosystem

Oct 19, 2023

In a recent DeFiChain X community space, Dominic, the CEO of VanillaSwap, shared insights into how they are bringing the familiar navigation of DEXes like Uniswap to DeFiChain's MetaChain layer. VanillaSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol introducing new ways to liquidity mine and trade on DeFiChain’s MetaChain. 

The Origins of VanillaSwap and DuckDAO

Dominic's Path to DeFiChain and VanillaSwap

Hailing from Germany, Dominic's initial contact with DeFiChain was thanks to the project's community outreach program. His interest turned into a deep engagement and ultimately led to the birth of VanillaSwap on the platform. 

His foray into crypto started towards the end of 2016. His entrepreneurial spirit found an outlet in Switzerland, where he co-founded a company that aimed to bridge the chasm between traditional banking products and cryptocurrency.

The potential Dominic saw in MetaChain was a turning point. He decided to turn his attention to building a  robust and user-centric DEX (VanillaSwap) for the new network.

Ken and The Rise of DuckDAO

Parallel to Dominic's journey was Ken's own unique story. Co-founder of DuckDAO, Ken played an integral role in shaping it as one of the few truly decentralized investment communities in the space. 

DuckDAO started off resembling a closed investor circle upon its launch in 2016, grounded in its members being token holders. This initial model underwent a metamorphosis in 2020 when DuckDAO embraced the role of an incubator, providing new projects with invaluable investment and marketing aid.

Ken's path into crypto was somewhat akin to Dominic's. Both were followers of Julian Hosp from 2016, and both got involved with DeFiChain. Their stories converged when Dominicreached out to Ken to harness the technical prowess DuckDAO had to offer. 

By pooling their strengths and resources and bringing the Ebo team into the fold, Ken and Dominic are now working to magnify the reach and potential of the DeFiChain ecosystem.

What is VanillaSwap?

VanillaSwap can be best understood as a direct fork from the well-known Uniswap V2. The team at VanillaSwap adapted the Uniswap V2  code to work on MetaChain — initially launching on the Floppy network. 

Throughout the adaptation process, the VanillaSwap team worked closely with the core Metachain team, providing invaluable feedback that has enhanced the performance of the chain.

Thanks to the encouraging response from both the community and other projects within the MetaChain ecosystem, VanillaSwap expanded its team and the range of services it offered. 

Its design gravitates towards a more user-friendly framework. They have taken steps to aid understanding by providing resources such as tutorial videos, specifically for Uniswap V3 contracts. 

Another significant milestone for the team has been their collaboration with Ebo to roll out an expansive test version.

The 'VAN' Token: Utility and Beyond

VanillaSwap's 'VAN' token aims to be more than just a tradable asset. Drawing inspiration from Uniswap's token model, the primary purpose of 'VAN' is to reward users for actively participating and supporting the project and Metachain. 

Users involved in the testnet stand to earn VAN for their feedback and participation in enhancing the platform's interface.

The 'VAN' token's utility includes:

  • Serving as a reward mechanism for liquidity providers.Users can earn 'VAN' tokens by staking their LP tokens in VanillaSwap's farming mechanism.
  • Granting holders access to VanillaSwap's governance platform, enabling them to have their say in crucial decisions shaping the platform's future.

In a bid to drive transparency and encourage decentralized application (Dapp) development, VanillaSwap also plans to open-source all their code. 

Liquidity Locker: Trust and Security at the Forefront

The Liquidity Locker is VanillaSwap's answer to a pressing concern: rug pulls. By acting as a protective mechanism, it ensures that certain liquidity pools are time-locked, safeguarding against sudden and unauthorized withdrawals. 

This feature promises a layer of security against malicious actors who might gather significant liquidity in a pool only to quickly drain it – dumping the price on unsuspecting users. 

VanillaSwap commits to this trust-building measure by pledging to lock its liquidity when the platform goes live.

The Road Ahead for VanillaSwap

With the mainnet launch on the horizon, the immediate objectives for VanillaSwap are clear: ensuring the stability of V2 and rolling out the 'VAN' token. 

The project is keen on integrating seamlessly with other platforms and is gearing up to introduce features like the Liquidity Farm and Locker. 

As the platform stabilizes, it is shaping to introduce the Uniswap V3 fork, among other novel features.

Final Word

VanillaSwap's journey, from its origins to its ambitious roadmap, underscores its potential as a significant player in the MetaChain ecosystem. 

With its emphasis on a user-centric design, utility-driven tokenomics, and robust security measures, VanillaSwap promises to be a valuable addition to the DeFi landscape.

Interested in trying VanillaSwap? Visit VanillaSwap to get started.


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