Learn, Build, Earn: How DeFiChain's Learn & Earn Takes Developer Education to the Next Level

Oct 24, 2023

Mark your calendar: DeFiChain's Learn & Earn program is coming your way! From 3 Nov to 17 Nov, participate in the Learn & Earn for a chance to win prizes from a pool of $10,000. 

The Learn & Earn comprises a variety of quests, each one coming with its own set of prizes. Complete these quests and secure your chance to win attractive prizes! 

How Does Learn & Earn Work?

In the crypto ecosystem, Learn & Earn programs often follow a standard pattern: you start by completing tasks—usually called “quests”—where you watch videos or read articles and you’ll receive “airdrops” of the project’s native cryptocurrency as a reward for your time.

DeFiChain will be using the same Learn & Earn model, but with a twist. Instead of basic high-level articles and videos, our Learn & Earn program will hone in on blockchain development directly on DeFiChain, serving as a call-to-action for Web3 developers and those aspiring to join the ecosystem.

In contrast to typical Learn & Earn programs, which operate on a first-come, first-served basis, ours is different. StackUp – a third party technology provider that aims to empower tech talents to level up as a developer, and enable them to grow and connect with a global dev community – assesses each submission on its merits to select the winners. Excellence is the name of the game, and just participating doesn't guarantee a prize.

How DeFiChain’s Learn & Earn Stands Out

DeFiChain’s focus on blockchain development creates a unique Learn & Earn experience that is enriching, challenging, and—most importantly—educational for developers. Apart from learning about DeFiChain, you’ll also get hands-on experience with the mechanics of blockchain development on DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer. 

Why Developers Should Join DeFiChain's Learn & Earn Program

Elevate Your Skill Set, Broaden Your Impact

If you're a developer eager to make a dent in the blockchain universe, seize this moment. DeFiChain's Learn & Earn program offers you more than just tutorials; it's a hands-on, code-intensive experience that allows you to directly contribute to a thriving ecosystem. Think of it as an investment in your future: You're not just gaining knowledge—you're earning tangible rewards, both in the form of a prize pool and invaluable blockchain development skills.

Unlock Doors You Didn't Know Existed

Joining our Learn & Earn program lets you sink your teeth into the world of DeFiChain, where you’ll discover everything around the soon-to-be-implemented MetaChain layer. The benefit of learning to develop on the MetaChain layer allows you to deploy your dApps not only to the Bitcoin ecosystem but also to the Ethereum ecosystem. This allows your project to tap into not only the two biggest ecosystems within the crypto space, but also into the liquidity of both at the same time.

Gain Exposure and Grow Your Project

DeFiChain boasts a robust community of ~100,000 members strong. Imagine launching your project with that kind of built-in audience. Your social media presence would skyrocket, providing the initial push every project craves.

Dive into Quests

Hosted on the StackUp platform, DeFiChain’s Learn & Earn program comprises a series of quests:

Learn About DeFiChain

  • Introduction to DeFiChain & the MetaChain layer: A beginner-friendly guide to the basics.
  • Use Cases of DeFiChain and the MetaChain layer: Explore the practical applications.
  • Mint a Fungible Token via a Smart Contract: Learn how to create your own digital asset.

Build on DeFiChain Quests

  • Build an AMM (Automated Market Maker) for Token Swaps: Put your skills to the test by building a trading mechanism.
  • Create a Front End for the AMM: Add the final touches by crafting a user interface for the AMM.

Ready to get started? From 3 Nov onwards, register your account on the StackUp platform to kick start your DeFiChain journey! Seize the opportunity to learn, create, and thrive with the DeFiChain community today.

PS: Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our upcoming Hackathon on 25 Nov. More details soon to come in our upcoming blog article!


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