Project Spotlight: DMC Universe – Your Portal to the MetaChain Galaxy

Nov 23, 2023

DeFiChain’s vibrant community has a shared vision of furthering decentralized finance. Talented builders and stakeholders are continually pushing the ecosystem forward. 

Today, we’re spotlighting one such contributor – DMC Universe.

DMC Universe aspires to be the central hub for all projects building on DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer. 

We recently sat down with co-founders Peddy and 0ptim to learn more about their motivations and future plans. 

From DeFiChain Enthusiasts to Ecosystem Builders

Peddy first discovered DeFiChain in 2021 and quickly became a DFI holder. Enthused by the possibilities of decentralized finance, he began producing a DeFiChain-focused podcast called InTheMarket, allowing him to connect more deeply with the community. He was inspired to translate his enthusiasm into a more direct contribution after meeting the core DeFiChain team in Singapore.

0ptim learned about Bitcoin in 2015 during its meteoric rise but only jumped into the crypto world fully in 2017. Initially skeptical after the 2018 crash, he returned re-energized by DeFiChain’s novel approach. Over time, he went from DFI holder to developer, dedicating his skills to elevating the ecosystem.

“DeFiChain is known for its strong focus on security, useful applications in DeFi, transparency, and a solid community. The announcement of the MetaChain layer expansion generated a lot of interest. This made it an ideal time to create something significant for both long-time supporters and new users of DeFiChain.” - DMC Universe co-founder, 0ptim

Introducing DMC Universe – The Gateway to MetaChain Layer

DMC Universe is designed to shine the spotlight on projects across DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer landscape. Beyond just listings, the goal is to provide robust, easily digestible information to make MetaChain layer exploration seamless for all users.

”DMC Universe aspires to be the go-to resource for all things related to projects on the DeFiChain MetaChain layer. It’s a comprehensive listing platform presented in a central, user-friendly format." - Peddy explains.

Standardized and structured project profiles enable at-a-glance comparisons across projects and ecosystems. Also, onboarding new projects is straightforward – an online request form fields key details for listings. The DMC Universe team onboards listings rapidly, enabling community participants a seamless route to visibility.

Driving Community-First Growth

Currently, listings are entirely free. This lowers barriers for early-stage initiatives and lets the DMC Universe take a community-oriented approach. DMC Universe’s approach is to let the community decide which projects should get listed next, by organizing regular voting rounds on X/Twitter. Partnerships with DeFiChain Labs portfolio projects are also in progress.

"It's been relatively smooth on the technical front. The focus has been crafting easily navigable project portfolios that let users access information quickly." - 0ptim notes.

The DMC Universe roadmap has numerous community-focused features on the horizon. This includes interactive learning modules for onboarding DeFiChain newcomers, a monthly ecosystem newsletter that captures key developments across listed projects, and a dedicated Telegram channel for discussions.

Additionally, there are plans for a job board where projects can post open roles and community members can explore new career opportunities in the space. 

The goal is to foster seamless information sharing and collaboration - making it simpler for builders and enthusiasts alike to meaningfully engage with and contribute to DeFiChain's future.

Peddy stresses the importance of constructive community feedback and participation in enhancing DMC Universe's value. "We want it to be intuitive and helpful, especially for those just entering the DeFiChain ecosystem," he says. "As we continue growing, we welcome ideas from our users."

The DeFiChain ethos has always embraced open collaboration towards the shared mission of accelerating decentralized finance. DMC Universe firmly embodies this spirit. It has the potential to become the catalyst that condenses fragmented information into actionable insights - a blessing for builders and users alike.

The vibrancy of our community stems from initiatives like DMC Universe taking the lead in elevating our ecosystem to the next level.

Want to find out more about DMC Universe? Visit DMC Universe website or follow @DMCUniverse_ on X(Twitter). You can also join discussions in their Telegram-group or stay informed via their monthly newsletter.


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