Project Spotlight: Ebox – On-chain Escrow Service for DeFiChain

Nov 11, 2023

In a recent episode of DeFiChain X community space, Paul, the founder of ebox, provided valuable insights into their mission to protect DeFiChain users. ebox aims to become a sophisticated, smart contract-driven digital escrow service, designed to facilitate seamless fund transfers among multiple parties with minimal errors or failures. This is especially important in light of the substantial losses incurred from incorrect addresses and human errors.

Meet the Minds Behind ebox

Before we delve into ebox and its work, let's get to know one of its key members, Paul. Paul, originally from Romania and now residing in Austria, is a tech enthusiast who has tinkered with computers since the age of five. He has dabbled in programming and even ventured into the world of reverse engineering. This lifelong curiosity and problem-solving mindset laid the foundation for ebox's unique approach to the crypto space.

Paul's journey into the world of cryptocurrency was somewhat unconventional. Initially, he resisted the idea, perceiving it as an additional abstraction layer in an already complex financial landscape. However, a problem presented by his friend Lucas led him to explore crypto further.

One day, Lucas approached his friend Paul with an issue - he had accidentally sent crypto funds to the wrong address on Ethereum and the money was lost forever. Lucas knew Paul was a skilled coder capable of building anything, so he asked if there was a way to code a "transaction reversal" system to prevent such permanent losses.

Initially hesitant about blockchain technology, Paul was intrigued since Lucas always had creative ideas. After researching smart contracts, Paul realized he could code an on-chain escrow service to let users cancel transactions even after sending.

Together, Lucas and Paul expanded on this concept over the next few months, forming the genesis of ebox. Lucas provided the initial spark by framing the user problem, while Paul brought the coding expertise to develop a smart contract solution.

For Paul, this experience revealed the deeper meaning and potential of crypto - decentralized tools that empower users rather than centralized entities. Building ebox's transaction reversal system made the permanent and irreversible nature of blockchain more accessible.

This origin story illustrates how ebox was born from a real user problem that many cryptocurrency newcomers face. By combining empathy for user challenges with technical innovation, Lucas and Paul created a novel solution that improved blockchain's usability and safety. The founding of ebox exemplifies how crypto can evolve to work better for everyone through human-centric design.

What is ebox?

ebox develops blockchain solutions that improve the safety and accessibility of cryptocurrency. Since its launch in early 2021, ebox has combined its expertise in blockchain technology with its deep understanding of users’ needs and pain points.

With a human-centric design ethos, ebox bridges the gap between blockchain and user. ebox has also designed an ever-expanding toolkit that proves crypto can work for anyone.

ebox’s flagship product is On-chain Escrow, protecting you against costly errors like mistyped addresses. If you spot any errors after sending out a transaction, On-Chain Escrow enables you to cancel the transaction right away to prevent any losses. 

For direct peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, ebox's Trustless OTC Trading service enables safe trades without third-party intermediaries. Instead, you can request funds with trade terms enforced by an ebox contract. Trades only execute when both parties' requirements are met, eliminating scams.

ebox also solves a core problem in DeFi: locked staking rewards. With ebox’s Lock-Free Staking service, you remove the need to lock your tokens in risky contracts. You can then keep your staked assets in your own wallet while still earning rewards through ebox's system.

What Sets ebox’s Escrow Service Apart From Others

One of ebox's standout offerings is its escrow service, which is vital in securing transactions. Unlike traditional escrow services that rely on a third party, ebox's on-chain escrow operates as a smart contract. It holds funds until both parties in a transaction confirm the terms are met.

This trustless and immutable system ensures transactions are secured without a third party. Furthermore, you may cancel your transaction until it is in the smart contract.

ebox and MetaLend: A Perfect Match for DeFiChain

ebox started with services like OTC and escrow, gradually expanding to incorporate unique staking and a liquidity locker. 

MetaLend is ebox’s upcoming venture, facilitating borrowing and lending in the DeFiChain ecosystem. It allows you to leverage your DFI collateral through DEXs like VanillaSwap. 

As such, ebox is bringing seamless decentralized finance to DeFiChain through an integration with MetaLend. This partnership lets users leverage their DFI as collateral to borrow stable assets like MUSD.

The process is straightforward - deposit DFI collateral into MetaLend and receive the borrowed stablecoins. The DFI must be ≥110% of the borrowed amount. Users can retrieve their DFI collateral anytime by paying back the borrowed MUSD. And the best part is the 0% interest rate!

MetaLend supercharges what you can do with your DFI. Without it, you only profit when DFI increases. But with MetaLend, you can hold your DFI while borrowing MUSD against it to purchase other assets like BTC too. This means you can diversify and profit from market swings in both DFI and BTC in parallel.

Future Horizons for ebox

As ebox continues to evolve, its roadmap reflects the team's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the DeFiChain ecosystem. The team actively works on enhancing their escrow service, with plans to add support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ebox is also developing an OTC widget that can be embedded into external websites to facilitate direct NFT trading.

As previously mentioned, the team is also gearing up to launch MetaLend, to complement their escrow services and further enrich the user experience. ebox’s future roadmap remains undisclosed at present, with the team hinting at a project related to 'the eye' that will be revealed after MetaLend’s launch - so be sure to stay tuned.

ebox's journey in the crypto space is a testament to the power of curiosity, innovation, and the drive to overcome challenges. Their contributions to the DeFiChain ecosystem are already making waves, and we look forward to their future endeavors. 

Want to find out more about ebox and its offerings? Visit ebox's website or their X account for more information.


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