DeFiChain Labs Drives Forward With Independent and Bold Vision

Nov 15, 2023

DeFiChain is a permissionless blockchain explicitly designed to support decentralized financial applications. It enables users to build and innovate on-chain securely, transparently, and efficiently. We are eagerly anticipating the next milestone in our journey with the integration of the MetaChain (EVM) layer–scheduled to take place on 15th November. 

This new EVM layer ushers in a new frontier for seamless cross-chain dApps, beginning the journey toward connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain, and beyond.

Fortified by our expertise and dedication, the DeFiChain Labs team is more determined than ever to grow the ecosystem. We are working diligently to ensure that our community experiences the highest quality of DeFi standards with the utmost transparency. Our continuous efforts aim to fortify DeFiChain as a beacon of decentralization in the blockchain space.

With that, DeFiChain Labs would like to reaffirm its complete autonomy from Cake Group ("Cake"). The recent restructuring at Cake has no impact on our status as a fully independent entity, and we will continue to forge ahead with our operations and roadmap for DeFiChain, undeterred by external changes.

DeFiChain Labs functions with an independent team and vision. Our trajectory and objectives are separate from Cake's, and our commitment to open-source innovation remains unwavering.

Cake is just one of many projects utilizing DeFiChain for their operations. In our thriving ecosystem, other notable projects building on DeFiChain include (Javsphere, Jellyverse, VanillaLabs, and many more).

As part of our efforts to forge ahead and continue with our mission to drive on-chain growth, we have multiple initiatives both currently running and planned. Our ongoing Learn & Earn program continues to equip developers with the necessary tools and skills to leverage the limitless possibilities of the MetaChain (EVM) layer.

While DeFiChain Labs is also anticipating its first-ever DeFiChain Hackathon with in-person events based in Bengaluru, India, scheduled to kick off on 25th November, this event marks the beginning of a series of community events around the world, designed to cultivate communities and spark innovation within the DeFiChain ecosystem.

The first quarter of 2024 will also see the largest DeFiChain meet-up to date, a testament to our thriving community and shared enthusiasm for our vision.

Looking forward, DeFiChain Labs has ambitious plans for the years ahead. Our team is laying the groundwork for significant projects and partnerships that will further solidify our leading position in web3.

DeFiChain Labs remains resilient, resourceful, and persistent in our mission to make decentralized applications and services available and accessible to everyone.

We thank you, dedicated members of our DeFiChain community, for your unwavering support thus far. Your support fuels our drive to redefine the future of decentralized finance.

Today, we invite you to continue following us on this exciting journey as we scale DeFiChain to even greater heights.


Decentralized finance enabled on Bitcoin. A blockchain dedicated to fast, intelligent and transparent financial services, accessible by everyone.

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