DeFiChain’s Community Reward Campaign 3.0

Jan 4, 2024
Here’s your chance to win up to 5,000 DFI!

DeFiChain is gearing up to launch its most ambitious community campaign yet in early 2024. Riding high after the last DeFiChain Community Reward Campaign, the team is pulling out all the stops to catalyze even greater participation across the ecosystem.

Dubbed Community Reward Campaign 3.0, this multi-stage event interweaves social media engagement, educational initiatives, and on-chain activities – all with attractive crypto rewards to be won.

Kicking off in January 2024, the campaign unfurls in three distinct phases, each presenting opportunities to earn attractive rewards totaling 5,000 DFI and additional partner tokens. Let's take a sneak peek at what's in store.

Phase 1 - DeFiChain Social Quests

Buckle up for two weeks full of social media challenges from 15 Jan. Phase 1 is about raising DeFiChain awareness through community engagement across various platforms.

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs to complete quests like:

  • Following official DeFiChain accounts on Twitter/X and Youtube
  • Signing up for the all new DeFiChain newsletter
  • Liking and commenting on select social posts
  • Reading and sharing blog articles

Each quest completed earns you points towards a proportionate share of the 1,000 DFI rewards pool.

Phase 2 - Ecosystem Project Social Quests

After whetting your appetites in Phase 1, February ushers in Phase 2 as we dive deeper into DeFiChain’s ever-expanding ecosystem of projects.

From February onwards, the social quests continue but with an ecosystem focus. Interact with emerging projects like eBox, DMC Universe, OpenDAppCloud and more across their social channels.

The quests may include:

  • Following project accounts on Twitter and Discord
  • Liking and resharing posts
  • Watching and commenting on project videos
  • Answering ecosystem-related quizzes

Each action completed counts towards earning your share of 1,000 DFI rewards.

Whether you're new to the ecosystem or a veteran, Phase 2 offers a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself. Learn about the most promising innovations on DeFiChain while stacking up those sweet crypto rewards.

As the ecosystem grows, so too do the opportunities to get involved. So dive in deep and see what emerging projects you can discover!

Phase 3 - On-Chain Interaction

Brace yourself for the most thrilling and rewarding chapter of the Community Campaign 2.0! From March onwards, Phase 3 shifts the action directly on-chain for next-level engagement.

Collaborating with leading ecosystem partners, Phase 3 features activities tapping into the MetaChain layer's and DeFiChain blockchain's unique capabilities.

While the details remain veiled in secrecy, think of staking, lending, trading, and more ways to put those blockchain skills to use.

With so much DeFi and NFT action crammed into phase 3, this phase offers the most opportunities yet to roll up your sleeves.

And with 3,000 DFI and potential partner tokens up for grabs, the rewards promise to be bigger and better too! Whether you're a blockchain newbie or DeFi degen, don't miss the on-chain event of the year!

Wrapping Up an Epic Community Campaign

Over three thrilling phases in early 2024, the DeFiChain Community Campaign 2.0 weaves together social media quests, ecosystem education, and on-chain activities into one epic event.

Kicking off on January 15th 2024, Phase 1 focuses on social media challenges to raise awareness of DeFiChain. Follow accounts, share content, answer quizzes and more to complete quests and unlock crypto rewards.

Phase 2 from February 1st immerses you in the vibrant DeFiChain ecosystem projects. Interact with their social channels and content to learn more while stacking up tokens.

Then Phase 3 activates on-chain from March 1st, collaborating with partners for advanced hands-on quests utilizing dApps, DEXs, NFTs and more!

With 5,000 DFI and other tokens up for grabs across diverse Web 3.0 activities, there’s something for everyone whether you’re a newcomer or blockchain buff.

So rally your friends and set your reminders - the Community Campaign 3.0 is not to be missed! Want to stay tuned on all the latest updates? Remember to follow DeFiChain on Twitter, Youtube and check out our blog for more details soon.


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