Introducing the DeFiChain's Community Rewards Campaign

Aug 30, 2023

We're thrilled to unveil the DeFiChain Community Reward Campaign.

The Reward Campaign is designed to give back exclusively to community participants (you!). This campaign honors your unwavering support, commitment, and engagement as a community member, offering exclusive rewards as a token of appreciation.

What is the DeFiChain Community Reward Campaign?

Initially, the campaign will start with community-oriented tasks, but in the future, we aim to take this campaign deeper into the DeFiChain ecosystem.

For example, in the first version of our campaigns, you had the chance to secure one of the limited edition OAT (NFT)* by completing a series of community-oriented tasks - following our socials and Galxe page.

The first of the Community Reward Campaign went live recently, and a limited number of OATs were claimed in record time within ~2hrs of it going live. But don’t worry, plenty more chances will come soon!

The next Galxe quest will go live on 5th September at 14:00 CET / 20:00 SGT.

Here’s how to get involved in the next and future DeFiChain Community Reward Campaigns below.

How Does it Work?

Getting involved in the Community Rewards Campaign is as simple as going over to the DeFiChain Galxe page here, following the page, and interacting with one of the currently live campaigns.

Once you have completed the steps in each campaign outlined above, you can claim your reward directly from the Galxe platform. Note: you can complete the quests before the campaign live date and collect the rewards later, once it becomes available.

The Future

As mentioned above, the first iteration of the DeFiChain Community Rewards Campaign has gone live, with the next already planned, and plenty will be planned going forward. So, there will be plenty of other opportunities to be continuously rewarded as a community member.

Get ready for fresh quests connecting you even more with the DeFiChain ecosystem and rewards!

To stay updated with the latest rewards, follow the DeFiChain Galxe page here.

*Any OATs or NFTs in the DeFiChain campaigns have no monetary value and are only designed to be collectible items.


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