DeFiChain DevHack Hackathon 2023 Powered by AWS: Innovate and Win on DeFiChain!

Nov 20, 2023

Blockchain developers, get ready for the most exciting hackathon of the year! DeFiChain DevHack powered by AWS 2023 is your gateway to showcase your skills and creativity to reshape how we interact with the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. Whether you're a coding pro or just starting out, you’re welcome to participate and put your skills on display.

DeFiChain DevHack 2023 is a global hackathon from November 25 - December 5 for developers to build innovative DeFi solutions on the new MetaChain layer.

Key highlights:
- $25K+ prizes across multiple categoriesIn-person kickoff event in Bangalore, India on November 25
- Workshops and mentoring from DeFiChain expertsAWS credits for participants
- Chance to gain global recognitionParticipants can showcase skills and creativity to reshape decentralized finance.

Coding pros and beginners alike are welcome to join.
Build the next big thing in DeFi on MetaChain.

Prizes That Celebrate Innovation and Expertise

Over $25,000 worth of prizes to reward technical prowess and innovation are up for grabs. Below is a breakdown of the prizes you can win through DeFiChain DevHack 2023:

Grand Prize: $6,500

  • Grand Prize: Best overall project showcasing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the DeFiChain ecosystem. ($4000)
  • First Runner-up ($1500)
  • Second Runner-up ($1000)

Cross-Chain Integration Prize: $2400 ($1200 each)

  • Bridge Builder Award: For the best cross-chain bridge or integration.
  • Innovative Asset Transfer Prize: For a unique method of transferring assets or values across chains.

Privacy and Security Solutions Prize: $2000 ($1000 each)

  • Guardian of Privacy Award: Best user privacy preserving project.
  • Security Sentinel Prize: Most innovative security solution or tool.

DApp Ecosystem Expansion Prize: $3600 ($1200 each)

  • Real-world Solution Award: For a dApp with the most significant real-world impact.
  • Wallet Wizard Prize: For the most user-friendly wallet or transaction interface.
  • Innovative Use Case Award: For a unique and fresh dApp concept.

AI Integration Prize: $2000 ($1000 each)

  • AI Architect Award: For the best implementation of AI within a dApp to enhance functionality, user experience, or data processing within the MetaChain environment.
  • Blockchain Brainiac Prize: For the most innovative use of AI in enhancing blockchain operations, such as predictive analytics for transactions, anomaly detection, or optimizing consensus algorithms.

DFI Token Prize: 30k DFI (10k DFI each)

  • DFI Pioneer Award: Best overall project demonstrating innovative use of the DFI token.
  • DFI RWA Champion: For an outstanding application or platform facilitating DFI transactions in real-world scenarios.
  • DFI Ecosystem Innovator: For a project that uniquely integrates DFI into the wider ecosystem.

Why Should You Participate?

DeFiChain DevHack powered by AWS 2023 is designed for developers of all skill levels. Here are some key reasons why you should consider taking part:

  • Stand a chance to win a share of the $25,000 prize pool and gain global recognition.
  • $100,000 worth of AWS credits are up for grabs for the top prizes and $5,000 worth of AWS credits will be distributed to every participant.
  • For those locally, learn directly from industry experts through workshops and mentoring. Plus, connect with like-minded developers operating in the DeFi space.
  • Get exclusive access to build on DeFiChain's new MetaChain Layer. Be among the first to experience DeFiChain’s latest groundbreaking expansion that combines the security of UTXO with the world building of EVM.
  • Contribute to an ecosystem that aims to promote interoperability across the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Boost your skills, expand your network, and find career opportunities in the blockchain space. Stand out from the crowd with hands-on hacking experience.

Whether you want to win big, learn from the best, gain real-world experience, or simply be part of a pioneering movement, DeFiChain DevHack powered by AWS 2023 is the place to be.. Don't miss this opportunity to drive change in DeFi and take your talents to the next level!

Events: Kick-Off, Hackathon and Pitch Day

Kick-Off: 25 Nov

DeFiChain DevHack 2023 will kick off with keynote wisdom and insights from the Head of Engineering at DeFiChain Labs. 

Follow this up with a series of hands-on workshops hosted by the DeFiChain Labs team, where you’ll pick up all the tools you need during the hackathon. Exclusive fireside chats with prominent Web3 thought leaders will also take place throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to tap into their minds and learn from them.

Networking opportunities are aplenty as well, so don’t miss out on your chance to meet fellow developers who also share your passion for blockchain innovation! 

Hackathon: 26 Nov - 4 Dec

The hackathon will run from 26 Nov to 4 Dec,  and anyone from across the globe is welcome to participate! Build the next big thing in decentralized finance (DeFi) on DeFiChain’s new MetaChain (EVM) layer, with experts on hand to provide guidance every step of the way. 

Show the world what you can do! The only limit here is your imagination.

Pitch Day: 5 Dec

If you’re shortlisted as a finalist, you’ll take to the stage to pitch your solution to a panel of judges on 5 Dec. Over $25,000 and 30,000 DFI tokens are up for grabs across multiple categories!

How to Participate

Joining the hackathon and in-person kickoff is simple:


Sign up to participate in the global virtual hackathon via the DeFiChain Devfolio page. The registration link is here

In-Person Events 

To attend the kickoff in India on 25 Nov, sign up via the Luma page. The registration link is here.

What's Next?

The journey doesn't end with DeFiChain DevHack 2023. Look forward to our upcoming announcements about the DeFiChain Incubator program for continued mentorship and support beyond the hackathon!


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