DeFiChain Implements New Hardfork Schedule for More Predictability

Mar 14, 2024

DeFiChain, the leading decentralized finance blockchain platform, has announced a new hardfork schedule that will improve predictability and planning for developers, projects, and the broader ecosystem.

DeFiChain will implement hardforks every three months at the latest, starting from the end of March/early April 2024. This new cadence replaces the previous ad hoc approach to software updates and protocol changes.

The key reason behind this shift is to provide more determinism and help different parties better plan their time around hardforks, especially for projects built around the DeFiChain protocol.

By having a consistent, pre-scheduled timeline for major upgrades, developers can align their roadmaps, allocate resources accordingly, and ensure their projects remain compatible with the latest version of the DeFiChain blockchain.

The first hardfork under the new schedule is expected to include the following key updates:

  1. Support for Stock Splits: Native support on-chain for stock splits, eliminating the need to use oracle multipliers.
  2. Token Renaming: The ability to rename tokens on-chain, a previously unavailable feature.
  3. Future Swap Limitations: Improve the swap functionality, potentially introducing limitations for better management.
  4. General Performance Enhancements: Better responsiveness from the RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) and overall performance optimizations.

Following the initial hardfork in late March/early April, subsequent hardforks will occur every 3 months, allowing the DeFiChain ecosystem to plan and adapt to upcoming changes more seamlessly. For more information please also visit our Engineering roadmap board.

This move towards a more structured and predictable hardfork schedule is expected to foster greater collaboration, innovation, and growth within the DeFiChain community. Developers, projects, and users can now anticipate and prepare for upcoming updates, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker adoption of new features and improvements.

As the decentralized finance landscape continues to evolve, DeFiChain's commitment to transparency, predictability, and community collaboration positions it as a leading force driving innovation in the space.


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