DeFiChain's Roadmap for the First Half of 2024

Jan 17, 2024

The decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape is continuously evolving, and DeFiChain aims to be at the forefront by expanding DeFiChain’s capabilities, accessibility, and real-world impact. After collaborative discussions between the DeFiChain Labs team and engaged community members, a roadmap has been formulated that charts an ambitious course for the first half of 2024. 

The plan focuses on enhancing four key areas:

  • DVM Native Layer Improvements,
  • MetaChain EVM Layer Improvements,
  • R&D Experimentation,
  • DeFiChain Growth.

Let's dive into the roadmap and what it means for the future of DeFiChain.

DVM Native Layer Improvements

Enhancing the core performance and capabilities of the DVM layer is a top priority for the first half of 2024. 

The roadmap zeroes in on three key focus areas: 

  • dToken fixes
  • state relayer improvements
  • DUSD locks implementation

First, the team will focus on tackling dToken fixes to allow proper support for stock splits and token migration between DVM and EVM layers. These improvements will bolster the accuracy and reliability of the entire dToken system.

Next, upgrades to the state relayer will be implemented to optimize communication between the DVM and EVM layers and improve interoperability. The current state relayer mechanism suffers from bottlenecks that restrict transaction speeds. Upgrading the relayer will allow faster relay of information between the DVM and the MetaChain layer (EVM) and overall smoother user experience.

Finally, delivering on the DUSD locks proposal will provide new utility for the DUSD stablecoin on both DVM and EVM chains. This will allow for innovative applications to leverage DUSD’s ecosystem.

With these advancements to core components of its Native Layer, DeFiChain aims to expand the DVM capabilities and enhance DVM speed and efficiency.

Smooth cross-chain interactions, accurate oracles, and expanded DUSD utility will create a more robust foundation for DeFiChain's interoperable future. The heart of DeFiChain, the DVM layer, must stay strong - and the roadmap demonstrates a commitment to doing that.

MetaChain EVM Layer Improvements 

With interoperability as a cornerstone of DeFiChain’s future, major upgrades are planned for the MetaChain EVM layer over the next few months. These improvements will

elevate stability
enable robust storage solutions, and 
expand core infrastructure to enrich the user experience.

A main area of focus is expanding Ocean, DeFiChain’s application hub for the EVM layer. Ocean upgrades will unlock improved cross-chain interactions between the DVM and EVM layer.

Enhancing stability also stands as a key priority. By fortifying critical infrastructure components like Ocean and RPCs, the MetaChain layer aims to deliver more reliable, consistent performance. 

Finally, upgrading storage capabilities helps guard against state bloat on the EVM layer. With optimized storage that supports continued adoption, DeFiChain developers can keep innovating without impediments.

MetaChain will transform into an even more capable and reliable base layer for interoperable DeFi with these three focal points of ocean improvements, stability upgrades, and storage enhancements.

The roadmap demonstrates bringing external developers into the DeFiChain ecosystem through a feature-rich multi-chain architecture is a top priority for 2024.

R&D Experimentation

DeFiChain has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, and the roadmap doubles down on that ethos through ambitious R&D initiatives. 

The crown jewel of the planned experimentation is developing an architectural design for a WASM engine to usher in the next evolution of the ecosystem.


WASM (WebAssembly) allows code from languages like C/C++, Rust, and Go to be compiled and run in web environments. 

This means that instead of needing to learn niche languages like Solidity, developers can leverage their existing skills while building for web3 chains like DeFiChain. WASM provides a unified standard binary format that bridges web2 and web3 development.

What does this mean for DeFiChain?

The fact remains that the talent pool of web3 developers is limited, due to the niche nature that is web3 in general. Implementing WASM would allow DeFiChain to appeal to the wider talent pool of web2 developers that can contribute to the ecosystem.

By being able to tap into the vast reserves of web2 developers allows DeFiChain to accelerate innovation rapidly. Thousands of skilled engineers could seamlessly deploy existing code to program DeFiChain dApps, oracles, prediction markets, DEXs, and more.

By ambitiously exploring WASM capabilities, DeFiChain underscores its ethos as an ecosystem built by developers, for developers. 

Taking such an exponential technological leap requires raw experimentation, research, and vision - all integral facets of DeFiChain Labs' pioneering culture. If WASM comes to fruition, it promises to fast-track adoption by orders of magnitude.

DeFiChain Growth 

Sustaining rapid growth is paramount to cementing DeFiChain's status as a top DeFi protocol. 

The roadmap doubles down on critical initiatives - spanning developers, geographic expansion, partnerships, and marketing - to increase adoption in 2024 and beyond.

Community Developer Support

Community developers are at the heart of growing the DeFiChain ecosystem, that’s why the team at DeFiChain Labs is working to support projects and individual developers who choose to build on DeFiChain through the launch of a formal support program offering resources, support, and collaboration opportunities. 

Continuing Global Expansion

Increasing global presence remains vital. The first DeFiChain Hackathon last year was a success and attracted developers across India to learn and build on DeFiChain. This makes India a major launchpad for the expansion of the DeFiChain community. 

The DeFiChain Labs team aims to continue this expansion in India to tap into the developing and rapidly growing web3 community in India.

There are also plans to scope out other regions for further community expansion later in the year to further expand.


With key partnerships secured in the form of ChangeNOW, Galxe, CoinDCX, by the DeFiChain Labs team last year, the team is forging ahead with further partnerships to help grow the DeFiChain ecosystem. The team is aiming for win-win partnerships that unlock greater liquidity, stability, and utility. Such strategic collaborations will amplify DeFiChain’s interoperability and real-world value.


Finally, marketing campaigns will spread awareness and attract projects to deploy within the DeFiChain ecosystem. Promotional initiatives will target developers, yielding more applications and diverse use cases.

With expanded guilds worldwide, new integrations, and ramped-up marketing, DeFiChain adoption looks primed  to scale up in 2024 rapidly. 

The future shines bright as DeFiChain solidifies itself as the home of next-generation open finance.

Final Words

The roadmap for H1 of 2024 represents an ambitious vision for empowering the next evolution of DeFiChain. 

By focusing on four vital areas – DVM Enhancements, MetaChain EVM Upgrades, R&D Excursions, and Growth Initiatives – the project is positioning itself at the frontier of innovation in decentralized finance.

By strengthening the protocol's foundations, embracing innovations like WASM, and expanding mainstream adoption, 2024 marks a new era poised for exponential growth. As we follow this ambitious roadmap into uncharted territories, DeFiChain’s brightest days lie ahead. Together, we head firmly onward into the bold future.


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