Unlocking the Power of Your Assets: A Guide to MarbleFi

Jul 4, 2024

MarbleFi is a premier liquid staking solution on DeFiChain, built by Birthday Research and designed to simplify staking while maximizing yield and capital efficiency.

Here’s everything you need to know about MarbleFi and how to make the most of its features.

What is MarbleFi?

MarbleFi is a liquid staking solution that allows users to stake their DFI tokens without the complexities typically associated with managing masternodes.

By depositing DFI into MarbleFi’s smart contract, users contribute to the blockchain's security and, in return, receive mDFI, a liquid staking derivative.

This derivative can be utilized across various decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, providing liquidity, earning trading fees, and enabling borrowing and lending.

How MarbleFi Works

  1. Deposit and Staking: Users deposit their DFI tokens into MarbleFi’s smart contract. This deposit automatically stakes the tokens in masternodes, contributing to the security and integrity of the DeFiChain blockchain.
  2. Automated Issuance of mDFI: In return for their deposit, users receive a calculated amount of mDFI tokens. These tokens can be used in various DeFi activities within the ecosystem, such as providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges like Vanilla Swap, lending, borrowing, and more.
  3. Yield Optimization: MarbleFi not only simplifies staking but also maximizes capital efficiency. Users can earn trading fees by providing liquidity or collect yield through lending and borrowing on platforms like SeahorseFi money market.
  4. Fee Structure: MarbleFi employs a straightforward fee structure to sustain its ecosystem. This includes a 0.5% minting fee, a 5% performance fee taken from rewards, and a 0.75% redemption fee during withdrawals.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Ease of Use: MarbleFi takes the complexity out of staking. Users don't need to worry about the technical aspects of running a masternode. Simply deposit your DFI and let MarbleFi handle the rest.
  2. Cost Efficiency: By simplifying the staking process, MarbleFi reduces the costs associated with running and maintaining a masternode, making staking more accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Liquidity and Flexibility: MD tokens issued in return for staked DFI can be utilized in multiple ways. For instance, you can use MD to provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges like VanillaSwap, earning trading fees, or lend and borrow MD on platforms like CAHorse5 money market to maximize your capital efficiency.
  4. Yield Optimization: By participating in the MarbleFi ecosystem, users can potentially collect yields on top of masternode rewards, further enhancing their returns.

Possible Risk Vectors

While MarbleFi offers substantial benefits, it's important to understand the potential risks involved to make informed decisions. Two primary risk vectors could affect the mDFI <> DFI price pool on Automated Market Makers (AMMs), potentially causing the value of 1 mDFI to diverge from 1 DFI.

Market Forces Impact

Market forces can drive the price of mDFI below that of DFI. This discrepancy might arise from several market behaviors:

  • End Users Selling Off mDFI: Users might sell mDFI to acquire more DFI and repeat the staking process. This repetitive selling can push the mDFI price down relative to DFI. To mitigate this, MarbleFi plans to allow users to provide liquidity to AMMs like VanillaSwap and deposit the resulting LP share tokens back into MarbleFi. This approach makes MarbleFi the custodian of these liquidity positions, potentially stabilizing the mDFI price.
  • Advanced Users Exploiting Flashloans: Flashloans, which are rapid, uncollateralized loans typically completed within a single blockchain transaction, pose another risk. Advanced users might exploit these to mint large amounts of mDFI and manipulate the market. MarbleFi mitigates this risk by controlling the withdrawal process, ensuring that flashloan activities are effectively managed and cannot disrupt the price pool.

Using MarbleFi

To get started with MarbleFi, users need to visit the MarbleFi website, connect their wallet (MetaMask is recommended), and select either the DeFiChain mainnet or testnet.

If the DeFiChain network is not yet added to your MetaMask wallet, follow this guide to include it.

Once connected, users can stake their DFI tokens and start earning mDFI.

The user interface of MarbleFi is designed to be intuitive, providing detailed information about benefits, fee structures, and how the system works. The process involves:

  1. Connecting the Wallet: Using MetaMask, users can securely connect their wallet to the MarbleFi platform.
  2. Stake DFI: Choose the amount of DFI to deposit and initiate the transaction. The system will confirm the transaction and issue mDFI tokens.
  1. Utilizing mDFI: Users can then use their mDFI tokens in various DeFi activities to optimize their yields and liquidity.

The Future of MarbleFi

MarbleFi is set to introduce more features and enhancements, including the withdrawal functionality, which will allow users to withdraw their staked DFI when excess liquid assets are available. The governance and roadmap are still under development, aiming to ensure transparency and effective management.


MarbleFi represents a significant advancement in the DeFi space, offering a user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solution for staking on the DeFiChain. By simplifying the staking process and maximizing capital efficiency, MarbleFi empowers users to unlock the full potential of their assets and participate more actively in the DeFi ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates, detailed guides and documentations on how to make the most of MarbleFi, as Birthday Research continues to innovate and expand the capabilities of this promising platform.


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