Weekly Update – Munich Meet-up Success, Upcoming Campaigns, and Exciting Projects!

Jan 12, 2024

Hi DeFiChain Community!

Welcome to another edition of our weekly update. As another week rolls by, we're thrilled to bring you the latest updates, developments, and news from the heart of our ecosystem. Let's dive right in.

DeFiChain Community Event in Munich

Last weekend, Munich hosted the biggest DeFiChain Community Meet-up ever, and it was a spectacular success! Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Project Showcases: Projects like JellyVerse, Javsphere, VanillaSwap, Black Swan, eBox, Global Coin Consult, DMC Universe, and OctoDeFi shared their exciting plans for DMC.
  • Leaders' Insights: DeFiChain leaders including Julian, Kügi, DZ, and others gave engaging presentations about the ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: It was incredible to see the community come together, engage in lively discussions, and share insights about various projects and the future of DeFi.

If you haven't checked it out already, take a moment to explore our latest blog post for an in-depth look at the projects and a detailed recap of the event.

DeFiChain Reward Campaign 3.0

Get ready for DeFiChain’s Community Reward Campaign 3.0, set to launch on Monday! Building on the success of the previous campaigns, the upcoming iteration promises to be even more ambitious, involving various projects across the ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information and get ready for an exciting campaign. Learn more here.

DeFiChain Community Space

Our DeFiChain Community Spaces are back after the festive break! Join us on Saturday at 5 pm CET for the next X Space in English. Don’t forget to set a reminder here to stay updated with the latest discussions and insights.

New Community Project: TNT World

Introducing TNT World, a new and thrilling NFT project for the MetaChain EVM layer. This project aims to bring further utility to DFI and DUSD, with more details to be revealed soon. Keep an eye out for this exciting development and learn more here.


  • Bittrex Withdrawal Reminder: Bittrex has recently reopened withdrawals for DFI. We urge all community members to withdraw their DFI from Bittrex promptly, considering their upcoming cessation of operations.
  • Make sure to catch up on the latest DeFiChain News Show episode, featuring an outlook into 2024. Watch it here:

As always, we're thrilled to see the community's growth and innovation. Your passion and creativity continue to drive DeFiChain forward. Looking forward to what the future holds! Stay tuned for more updates next week.


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