Weekly Update – MetaChain Update, DeFiChain Labs, Ebox And More

Oct 13, 2023

Hi DeFiChain Community!

It's that time of the week again where we bring you the latest updates and news from the DeFiChain ecosystem. From a new release candidate to news around DeFiChain Labs and project spotlight, there’s plenty to talk about, so let’s dive in.

Latest MetaChain Updates

The Release Candidate (RC) signals an important milestone on the path to fully implementing the MetaChain layer. The RC that has been instructed earlier this week has been temporarily pulled to resolve a few issues and will be back up soon.

Last Week’s Beta14

Prior to this, Beta14 was rolled out last week to test some final consensus changes on Changi. The community has conducted over 1.5 million valid transactions on Beta14, highlighting the stability and reliability of this release. You can track the usage here.

Beta 15

Once cleaning up unchecked numerical-ops has been completed, Beta15 will be rolled out. The roll-out is on track to be released today.

On the performance part the following things are currently being worked on:


Beta 15 has been launched.

This release focuses on the fixes regarding miner bugs as well as partial performance enhancements. Mempool enhancements have also been added.EVM publish/subscription has also been added as a new feature to better support developer needs for their projects.

Moving forward, the team will collect more data points and feedback over the weekend.

Unlocking Potential with DeFiChain Labs

We are delighted to introduce DeFiChain Labs which is continuing the legacy of the Accelerator team with a focus on advancing DeFiChain's marketing initiatives.To understand how DeFiChain Labs will shape the future of DeFiChain, read our in-depth blog post.

Project Spotlight: Focus on Ebox

The Project Spotlight Community Space series continued! This week we hosted a Community X Spaces with Ebox, an on-chain Escrow service that enables reversible peer-to-peer transactions. In case you missed it, it's now also available in podcast form:

In Case You Missed It

The most recent episode of the DeFiChain News Show is now live! The episode covers two live DFIPs and explores how they are set to enhance the appeal of dTokens. To get caught up, you can watch the episode here:

As always, thank you for being part of our community. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to expand and evolve the DeFiChain ecosystem.


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