Weekly Update – MetaChain, Community X Space And More

Oct 27, 2023

Hi DeFiChain community,

Welcome back to our weekly update where we share all the latest happenings within the DeFiChain ecosystem. This week has been particularly exciting with updates on MetaChain, first-ever community organized X Space, and spotlight recaps on Vanilla Labs and DeFiChain Domains. So, let's get started!

Latest MetaChain Updates: Testnet Hard Fork

A milestone has been reached! Following the robust stability of Changi Beta 15 and RC1, we successfully completed the testnet hard fork last week. A massive thank you to our committed community and the 17,000+ masternodes worldwide for your unwavering patience and support. We encourage more builders to leverage the EVM MetaChain Layer as we continue to progress with performance upgrades and gear up for the upcoming MainNet launch.

Are you a developer interested in building on top of MetaChain? Want to deploy your dApps within the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems simultaneously? We have the perfect place for you! Join our developer Discord server here to get started.

First-Ever Community-Organized DeFiChain X Space

This week marked the debut of the first community-organized DeFiChain X Space. Special guest Prasanna from our core development team joined the conversation, sharing valuable insights into the MetaChain Layer launch, our roadmap, and a dev perspective that you won't want to miss. You can listen to the full session here.

Project Spotlight Recap: Vanilla Labs

Are you fond of the intuitive UX of DEXes like Uniswap? Vanilla Labs is bringing that user-friendly experience to DeFiChain’s MetaChain layer. Learn how this integration will make your decentralized trading even more seamless by reading our spotlight blog post.

Project Spotlight Recap: DeFiChain Domains

DeFiChain Domains is a project built on MetaChain that aims to simplify crypto transactions in the web3 world. By removing common friction points such as confusing wallet addresses, the project aims to make the web3 space more accessible, especially for those who are new to the ecosystem. Interested? Find out more in our detailed blog post.

In Case You Missed It

If you missed the latest episode of the DeFiChain News Show, don't worry! This week's episode focuses on the results of the latest voting round. You can watch it right here:

There you have it—the roundup for this week! Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to more exciting developments in the near future. Stay tuned for next week’s updates!


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