A New Horizon for Blockchain Builders: Why Choose DeFiChain's MetaChain Layer

Jul 26, 2023

In the vast landscape of blockchain projects, choosing the right platform to build and invest your efforts can be daunting. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely regarded as the giants of the industry, DeFiChain offers a unique proposition that opens up a much bigger market for builders. Let's delve into why and how developers and users can benefit from the new architecture of DeFiChain.

Technical Foundation: Cross-Sharding

DeFiChain stands at the forefront of technical innovation, primarily due to its cross-sharding architecture. Sharding is a concept used in distributed databases and has been incorporated into blockchain technology to enhance scalability. It involves dividing the entire network into multiple shards, each capable of processing its own transactions and smart contracts. This approach significantly improves the network's capacity and scalability by processing numerous transactions in parallel.

Under this groundbreaking architecture, each shard within MetaChain – the UTXO and the MetaChain part – functions autonomously, is equipped with its unique consensus mechanism, and is capable of managing a specific portion of the network's transactions and smart contracts. This innovative approach empowers developers and end users, enabling them to construct and interact with dApps across many chains, all while eliminating the need for manual transitioning in and out of MetaChain.

MetaChain's Compatibility: The Auto Auth Mechanism

MetaChain seamlessly integrates with Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Auto Auth mechanism, ensuring the security and transparency of the UTXO model while accommodating complex account-based transactions typically associated with Ethereum's account model. This compatibility enables developers to build on MetaChain without worrying about adapting to different systems across various chains. For more information about this mechanism, check out our previous blog here.

Developer-Friendly Tools

We make building easy by leveraging tools you already know and are familiar with. Our open-source toolkits include Solidity, Hardhat, JavaScript, Rust, and others. These tools, coupled with MetaChain's interoperability, provide a universal tooling system, thereby eliminating the need for developers to adapt to different systems across various chains.

Accelerated Market Entry

Speed is crucial in the digital age. Hence, DeFiChain and its open-source dApps enable you to fork code and port components or smart contracts that others have already built, significantly reducing the time to market.

Unique Features

We've incorporated unique features into DeFiChain's MetaChain layer to provide a seamless development experience. Like a self-driving car, dApps can autonomously trigger based on preset conditions. We're constantly developing other unique features like decentralized secrets management and trustless asset bridging to make dApp building even more simplified and trustless.

Benefits for Developers and Projects

As a developer building on MetaChain, you unlock the potential of a robust platform that seamlessly integrates with Bitcoin and Ethereum. This compatibility streamlines the deployment of dApps, offering a broader reach and greater impact for your projects. But the true gem lies in the close connection DeFiChain offers with its engineering team through its dedicated Discord server. This collaborative environment ensures you receive the support and guidance you need to bring your ideas to life on DeFiChain. In summary, here are the key benefits of building on DeFiChain:

Massive Market Access: With MetaChain, you have the potential to reach an enormous market. By being compatible with Bitcoin and Ethereum, applications can access both ecosystems' user bases, which account for nearly 300 million users. This broad market exposure can drastically increase your applications' adoption and success rate of your applications.

Fast and Simple Onboarding: With DeFiChain, users can start using applications with just a few clicks, thanks to the simple process of connecting a MetaMask or Bitcoin wallet. This ease of use can significantly enhance the user experience and increase your application's engagement and retention rates.

Versatile Deployment: DeFiChain allows you to deploy your applications on any platform that can access the internet, including browsers, apps, and connected devices. This flexibility means you can reach users on multiple platforms, increasing their application's accessibility and usability.

Leverage on the Largest Validator Network: You can also benefit from the vast network of DeFiChain validators. With over 16,000 validators worldwide, DeFiChain provides a decentralized and secure platform for developers to run their applications confidently.


DeFiChain's MetaChain brings a new horizon for blockchain builders, offering a unique and powerful platform combining the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. With its cross-sharding architecture, seamless compatibility, developer-friendly tools, and unique features, MetaChain provides an ideal environment for building and deploying dApps.

The massive market access, fast onboarding, versatile deployment, and leverage on a vast validator network make DeFiChain a compelling choice for developers and projects seeking to make an impact in the blockchain world. If you want to know more about MetaChain and are interested in building or migrating your project over to MetaChain, join our dedicated Discord server. More information can be found here.


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