Weekly Update – New TestNet, OpenDAppsCloud, TechTalk And More

Aug 11, 2023

Hi DeFiChain community!

Another week has passed, and as always, it was packed with excitement, developments, and more buzz from the DeFiChain ecosystem. So, without further ado, let's dive into the latest happenings:

MetaChain Beta's Next Phase: Beta 8 TestNet Release

The newest iteration, Beta 8 for Changi TestNet, went live last week, introducing general foundational enhancements and addressing the DST and EVM transaction challenges highlighted by our dedicated community. This week, we’re all about stability checks! Stay tuned because, post this week, we’ll share more insights regarding the MainNet. Keen to explore deeper? The release log here holds all the intricate details.

Shining the Spotlight on OpenDAppsCloud

Our DeFiChain Spotlight Program got off to a flying start with OpenDAppsCloud gracing our very first session on DeFiChain Twitter spaces. To discover their innovative infrastructure solutions and their grand vision for the MetaChain layer, you can listen to the recording here. Think your project has what it takes to grab the spotlight? Apply Now and showcase it to our vast community.

DeFiChain Developer Discord: A Melting Pot of Innovators

It’s heartening to see the surge in our developer community on the new Discord server! With almost 100 developers joining in a short span, the enthusiasm and community fervor leading up to the MainNet launch are palpable. If you’re a developer with a penchant for innovation and want to be part of this flourishing community, submit your eligibility here.

Tech Talk Special: Unveiling the MetaChain Layer

Last week witnessed a deep dive into the MetaChain layer, with Prasanna from the core DeFiChain development team joining DZ for a rich discussion. With the much-awaited EVM layer nearing its launch, this is one talk you shouldn't miss. Catch the full conversation here:

Stay Updated: DeFiChain News Show & More

In case you missed out on our latest episode, here’s your chance to catch up! The DeFiChain News Show covered how our core team, along with community developers, is putting in tireless efforts to bring the MetaChain layer to life. Plus, keep an eye out for our upcoming shows to remain in the loop. Watch it now here:

That wraps up this week's updates! As the DeFiChain ecosystem continues its rapid evolution, we remain committed to keeping you informed and engaged. Stay tuned for another exciting week ahead, and together, let’s redefine the world of decentralized finance!


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