Weekly Update - Special DFIPs, Quantum Update And More

Mar 31, 2023

Hey, DeFiChain community!

As the week comes to an end, we bring you the latest news and updates from our ever-evolving ecosystem. Let's dive right in.

Special DFIPs: EUROC on DeFiChain & Strengthen Buy-and-Burn Bot (BBB) with More Rewards

DeFiChain has introduced two new Decentralized Finance Improvement Proposals (DFIPs): EUROC on DeFiChain and a strengthened Buy-and-Burn Bot (BBB) with increased rewards. An illustration to help users grasp these concepts is available on the DeFiChain announcements channel here. For more details on the DFIP, please visit https://defiscan.live/governance/34b109cf0583d3cd7fe0b41fbf0aa55be6d12d421e4e9a7214a7fcae8aff2bc4.

Quantum Updates

Quantum now supports DFI <> ERC20-DFI as a token pair for bridging. Users looking to make transactions can head over to https://quantumbridge.app/ to get started.

In Case You Missed It / Upcoming Shows

  • For insights on Q1/2023 LOCK updates, watch the latest episode of "We Build on DeFiChain" with Jonas here.
  • Explore the record-high dUSD burn following the launch of the special DFIP in the new episode of DeFiChain News Show here.
  • Mark your calendars for an upcoming DeFiChain Tech Talk discussing DeFi Meta Chain and its status on April 5th at 9:30 am UTC.

Notable Mentions

Interested in learning more about what happens to your crypto after you pass on? Check out this informative article from CoinMarketCap here.

That's it for this week's DeFiChain update. Stay tuned for more exciting news, and remember to keep building and innovating!


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