Weekly Update – MetaScan, Community Projects And More

Jun 23, 2023

Hi DeFiChain Community,

As we continue to evolve and pioneer in the decentralized finance realm, we're excited to share some updates that have happened over the past week. From MetaScan's launch to the unveiling of VanillaSwap on MetaChain's TestNet, there's a lot to unpack. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

MetaScan Launch

It's time to unveil the new lens into MetaChain - MetaScan. This new block explorer, created by Birthday Research, has been introduced on MetaChain's TestNet, allowing users to delve into MetaChain blocks and transactions with ease. We would like to remind you that this is an early release with limited functionality, but rest assured, a more robust version is on its way. Give it a spin here.

VanillaSwap on MetaChain's TestNet

Bringing more functionality to our growing ecosystem, we're proud to announce the launch of VanillaSwap on MetaChain's TestNet. Developed by the Vanilla Labs team, VanillaSwap is still in its infancy, and your feedback can play a crucial role in refining it. We encourage you to help the team in making VanillaSwap the best DEX possible. Plus, active testers stand a chance to be part of an exclusive airdrop! Participate now by following the instructions here:

DeFiChain News Show

If you haven't caught the latest episode of the DeFiChain News Show, it's worth a watch! The episode discusses the recent Altcoin bloodbath and DeFiChain's performance amidst it all. Catch up on the insights here:

Notable Mentions

Curious about the projects being built on MetaChain? Look no further than these community-led trackers:

  • Check out the DeFi Meta Chain dApp Directory here.
  • View the comprehensive project list here.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your unwavering support and commitment to the DeFiChain ecosystem. Let's continue to forge a better decentralized future together! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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