Weekly Update – MetaChain Update, Vanilla Labs, XCHF And More

Sep 29, 2023

Hi DeFiChain community!

We hope you're having an exciting week so far. We’re back with our weekly digest to keep you updated on all the latest happenings in the DeFiChain ecosystem. Let’s dive in!

Latest MetaChain Updates

The anticipation is building as our core development team is refining the MetaChain’s release candidate (RC). It's set to make its debut on the TestNet this week, with the exact block height announcement looming on the horizon. Stay vigilant and keep those eyes peeled 👀!

Project Spotlight: Vanilla Labs & Duck DAO

We've had yet another amazing DeFiChain Community 𝕏 Space yesterday, focusing the spotlight on VanillaSwap. If time didn’t allow you to join this insightful session, fret not! We are in the process of uploading the Spaces along with a detailed blog post. Stay tuned and keep checking our blog page!

XCHF Support is Now Live on Quantum

Great news for liquidity seekers! Quantum now supports the XCHF <> dXCHF token pair, available for both Instant and Queue options. Experience the seamless transaction on the Quantum Bridge now.

Behind the Scenes: Unraveling MetaChain Layer Development

Missed our insights on the development intricacies of the upcoming MetaChain Layer? We answered pivotal questions, elucidating on RC timelines, challenges, and the journey towards a stable node rollout. Dive deep into our detailed article for a treasure trove of information.

DeFiChain <> NFC 15: Community Event

Last weekend, Essen became the center stage for DeFiChain enthusiasts. On Friday, there was a community meetup along with members of Birthday Research and organisers of Fighting.De. The synergy continued on Saturday at NFC 15, where over 40 community members represented, the DFI logo gracing the center of the cage. The grand culmination saw the best fighter being honored as the DFI fighter of the night on the "Schlagwort Podcast," reaching over 15k listeners.

In Case You Missed It

For those curious about the term 'RC' buzzing around, the latest episode of the DeFiChain News Show serves as a decoder, unraveling the mysteries behind it. Watch it here:

Thank you for being a vital part of the DeFiChain community! Your enthusiasm and active participation make all the difference as we collectively advance toward decentralizing finance. The future is bright, and we're excited for what comes next. Until next week, stay tuned and stay invested!


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