Weekly Update – MetaChain, StackUp, Spotlight And More

Nov 10, 2023

Hi DeFiChain Community!

It's that time again for our weekly dive into the ecosystem's latest happenings. From MetaChain updates to our StackUp partnership and community insights, we've got plenty to share. So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

Latest MetaChain Updates

The clock is ticking towards a historic turning point for DeFiChain! On block height 3462000, the MetaChain layer will be activated on the MainNet. This pivotal update will mark the beginning of a new era for DeFiChain, bringing forth the capabilities of the MetaChain EVM Layer. Keep an eye on the countdown and share in the excitement on DeFiScan.

DeFiChain x StackUp: Learn and Earn Goes Live

We are thrilled to announce that the DeFiChain Learn & Earn program has launched on StackUpHQ! Embark on educational quests to expand your knowledge about DeFiChain and how to leverage the MetaChain EVM layer to build cutting-edge dApps. Complete these quests and you could be one of the lucky winners to claim a share of the $10,000 prize pool. Don’t wait—start your learning journey here.

Project Spotlight: DMC Universe

This Wednesday, we had the pleasure of featuring DMC Universe in our Community 𝕏 Space, spotlighting this innovative MetaChain project. If you missed the live discussion, no worries at all! You can catch up and tune into the recording at your convenience. For Spotify users, listen here, and for Apple Podcast aficionados, you can find the session here. Don’t miss out on the insights and future plans shared by the DMC Universe team!


DeFiChain News Show: Catch the latest episode where the focus is on the Learn & Earn for devs. Watch and get up to speed with all the details here:

DFI Whitepaper Day: This past Monday marked the 4th anniversary of the DeFiChain Whitepaper launch. We celebrate the vision that has guided our journey so far and will continue to lead us into the future. Happy DFI Whitepaper Day! 🎉


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