Weekly Update – MetaChain Beta 5 TestNet, Voting Round And More

Jul 21, 2023

Hi DeFiChain Community,

We're back with our weekly update, keeping you up to date with all the latest happenings within our vibrant DeFiChain ecosystem. We have some exciting developments to share, from exciting MetaChain updates to the close of the on-chain voting round and a special community showcase. So, let's dive in!

MetaChain Beta 5 TestNet Release

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Beta 5 for the Changi TestNet. This latest release, which we've rolled out early this week, brings a host of minor upgrades with it, designed to optimize our platform's performance. Moreover, keep an eye out for the forthcoming Beta 6 slated for release later this week. This version will include a rollback with comprehensive fixes, taking us yet another step forward in our journey towards a seamless MetaChain Mainnet launch.

On-Chain Voting Round

The latest on-chain voting round has concluded on Wednesday at Block Height 3,120,000. Masternode holders cast their vote and the results can be seen on DeFiScan. For those interested in understanding the voting process more thoroughly, we invite you to take a look at our voting guide.

Community Showcase: Jellyverse

This week, we're delighted to spotlight one of the most anticipated MetaChain projects – Jellyverse and its stablecoin Jelly USD (jUSD). Join Santiago, a core team member of Jellyverse, on the "We Build Show" for an in-depth discussion about the jUSD stablecoin and how it allows you to leverage your investments with BTC, ETH, DFI, and of course JLY. You can watch the full episode here:

DeFiChain News Show

The latest episode of the DeFiChain News Show is a must-watch. Tune in as we explore the variety of new projects currently being built on MetaChain! Catch the full episode here:

Notable Mentions

Finally, we've got exciting news for MetaChain builders! We've established a brand-new Discord server dedicated exclusively to discussions related to DeFiChain. If you're building or planning to build a project, reach out to us for an invite.

We're grateful for your continued support as we work together to create a more robust and decentralized future. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our journey!


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