Weekly Update - FloppyNet, Anniversary And Special DFIP

May 25, 2023

Hi DeFiChain Community,

As part of our commitment to keeping our community informed, we present you with the key update for week 20 from the DeFiChain ecosystem. There's a lot to digest, so let's dive right in.

FloppyNet Now Live in the Meta Chain

We are pleased to announce that FloppyNet, an integral part of Meta Chain, is now live! FloppyNet provides an ideal testing environment for early testers, encouraging you to deploy your applications and offer valuable feedback to smoothen the impending TestNet launch.

However, please bear in mind that as a testing environment, rollbacks or intermittent connectivity might occur during this phase. As we continue our work, we assure you that comprehensive documentation is in progress and will be shared as soon as it's ready.

We invite all interested community members to take the leap and begin their FloppyNet journey today by connecting to MetaMask and deploying their contracts.

DeFiChain Turns Three

On another note, last week marked the third anniversary of the first block on DeFiChain. Over these three years, DeFiChain has not just piqued the interest of countless DeFi enthusiasts, but it has also evolved into a dynamic blockchain ecosystem that combines the best elements of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To celebrate this significant milestone, we have created an infographic that spotlights the key breakthroughs and notable achievements in DeFiChain's evolution. We invite you to relive our journey here.

Special DFIP: Incorporating DUSD Staking into DeFiChain

Our latest DeFi Improvement Proposal (DFIP) has a unique proposition: users will be able to stake DUSD and receive rewards in DUSD. This mechanism can serve as a liquidity buffer during periods of oversupply, which is released when demand surges. To facilitate this without additional inflation, the DFIP proposes to use portions of the DEX-fee payout as rewards for DUSD Staking.

This proposal is currently open for voting, which is scheduled to conclude on 17 May 2023 at Block Height 2938063. We invite all stakeholders to cast their vote and make their voices heard. You can learn more about the proposal here.

We'd like to thank our community members for your constant support and active involvement. Your contributions drive us to continue innovating and advancing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week!

Stay decentralised, DeFiChain Community!


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