Weekly Update – Engineering Sync, Blockchain Club And More!

Mar 22, 2024

Welcome to your weekly round-up of the DeFiChain ecosystem! It’s been another bustling week with plenty of developments. Let’s dive in and explore what’s new and exciting.

DeFiChain Labs' Engineering Sync Recap

This Monday marked the first public Engineering Sync by DeFiChain Labs, offering a transparent look into the workings of our engineering team. The session covered status updates, current projects, bug squashing, and a lively Q&A. Missed the live session?

Find the recording here:

"Connecting Two Worlds: Bitcoin & Ethereum" Blockchain Club

DeFiChain Labs, in collaboration with @sgSMU, hosted the "Connecting Two Worlds: Bitcoin & Ethereum" Blockchain Club. This event offered SMU students a deep dive into how DeFiChain merges the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum to forge a revolutionary DeFi platform. An insightful session for future blockchain innovators!

Exploring the Multichain Variants of $DFI

Curious about the different variants of $DFI across multiple blockchains? Our latest blog post demystifies the multichain nature of $DFI, illustrating how it fosters seamless value transfer within the DeFiChain ecosystem. This is a must-read for those looking to understand the intricacies of interoperability in DeFi.

Learn more about the multichain variants of $DFI

Dive into the Community Rewards Campaign!

New projects are now live on the Community Rewards Campaign! Two new projects are live!

eBox and CRYPTO FACTOR are now live on the DeFiChain Galxe page! 

Join the adventure & complete the quests via the link below to snag your exclusive OAT (#NFT) for each project. Remember, these are in limited supply! Plus, you'll accumulate points for the leaderboard and the chance to win a piece of the 4,000 $DFI prize pool by campaign's end. 

Don't miss out on our other exciting projects like @atlantisNFTsapp Marketplace & @defichaindomain for more opportunities and rewards!

Start your quest now here

Ecosystem Project Updates

  • Atlantis NFT Marketplace introduced a new NFT transfer feature, enhancing user experience. More details here:
  • Jello DFI is set to airdrop $JLO to DTM participants. Check out the details here:
  • Javsphere launched the TradeX sell feature on Mainnet, expanding its suite of services. Learn more here:
  • DEX Trading Live continues its RoadTo50k, with the community eagerly participating. Find out more here:

It's been an extraordinary week filled with exciting updates that pave the way for an innovative future. As always, we thank you for your passion and dedication to the DeFiChain project. Here's to many more milestones ahead!


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