Weekly Update – DEX Stabilization Fees, Community Meetup, And More!

Mar 1, 2024

Hi DeFiChain community,

As another week rolls by, we bring you the latest updates, developments, and opportunities within the DeFiChain ecosystem. Let's get straight into the highlights of this week.

Dynamic DEX Stabilization Fees Now Live!

As of February 28th, DeFiChain has introduced a Dynamic DEX Stabilization Fee structure to the DeFiChain DEX. This approach aims to support the $1 peg of DUSD by discouraging its sale below $1 through variable fees.

The update also enhances the DeFiChain Light Wallet, allowing for up to 1000% adjustable slippage, giving users more control over transactions in volatile periods.

Dive deeper into the strategy and logic behind this update in the original DFIP proposal.

DeFiChain’s Ideological Framework Unveiled

DeFiChain has established itself as a pioneering force in the decentralized finance landscape through its use of a unique blend of blockchain layers.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of DeFiChain's ideological framework, comprising Layer 0, Layer 1, Layer 1.5, and Layer 2, and explore how these layers synergize to create a robust and versatile DeFi platform.

Explore the full framework here.

First Community Meetup in Singapore

DeFiChain Labs, together with the Association of Blockchain Asia and @smu_blockchain, hosted an exclusive blockchain and DeFi event yesterday tailored for web3 builders, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts.

The event saw great success in spurring insightful dialogues around the future of decentralized finance. Attendees were treated to workshops, presentations, and demonstrations highlighting DeFiChain’s innovations in the space. From layer 2 scaling solutions to real-world crypto use cases, the event covered leading-edge topics in blockchain's evolution.

Here are some impressions of the event:

dToken Stock Split Adjustment

Walmart recently announced a stock split, which has now been reflected on DeFiChain's dToken platform. Specifically, Walmart's stock split results in a 3x price multiplier for the WMT-USD oracle price and associated dToken.

For detailed information, visit DeFiScan’s oracle pricing for $dWMT.

Ecosystem Project Highlights

  • Community Reward Campaign

Earn exclusive NFTs in DeFiChain's latest Community Rewards Campaign. By completing specified quests, you can earn unique OAT NFTs and tally points for a chance to win part of the 4,000 $DFI prize pool, so act fast!

Secure your rewards here.

  • Atlantis NFT Marketplace

@atlantisNFTsapp updated the community on their minting feature. More here: 

  • Jello DFI

@JelloDFI announced the winners of their month-long content creation contest. Check, if you are among them here:

  • Javsphere

@Javsphere launched their latest product, TradeX, with which you can buy dTokens directly from the native chain.

  • TnT World

@TnTDeFi launched their Cashflow NFT Collection. For more information, check out their Twitter post here:


@_Crypto_Factor updated their presale application to allow any unclaimed $CFR from previous rounds to be claimed. If you haven’t claimed your tokens yet, do it now! More information here:

  • DEX Trading Live

@DexTradingLive announced that the latest Dex Trading Masters have concluded. Check the winners here:

Note: The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consider consulting with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.


Missed the latest news show with Lord Mark and DZ? Catch up on the comprehensive discussion covering last week's updates and what's on the horizon for DeFiChain in the most recent episode here:

That's all for this week's update. We're thrilled to see the community's continuous support and enthusiasm as we forge ahead with new developments and milestones. Stay tuned for more news and updates from DeFiChain!


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