Weekly Update - DeFi Meta Chain News, New DeFiChain Website And More

Apr 13, 2023

Hey DeFiChain community,

We're back with another weekly update to keep you informed on the latest news and developments in the DeFiChain ecosystem. Here's what's been happening:

DeFi Meta Chain Roadmap

Join our Head of Blockchain Engeneering Prasanna for an DeFiChain tech talk, where he'll share insights on the current development and progress of DeFi Meta Chain. This session will delve into the latest features, advancements, and future roadmap for this innovative "chain", offering a comprehensive understanding of its potential. The recoreded session can be accessed here:

Design Refresh For defichain.com

Get ready for a fresh look & feel! DeFiChain's website is receiving an upgrade, bringing a more modern, user-friendly experience for our community. Our design team has been hard at work to ensure that the new interface reflects our commitment to innovation and ease of use. We're excited to unveil the new design next week, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

In Case You Missed It / Upcoming Shows

Lord Mark and DZ reviewed the ups and downs for DeFiChain in Q1. During this insightful discussion, they touched upon DeFiChain's growth, challenges, and opportunities in the first quarter of 2023. Watch the full video below to gain a comprehensive understanding of our progress so far this year:

Notable Mentions

  • DeFiChain was added to the watchlist on CoinMarketCap (CMC) in Q1 2023, reflecting the growing interest and recognition within the wider cryptocurrency community. Check out the announcement here.
  • DeFiChain secured a spot in the top 10 list of Total Value Locked (TVL) of Top Chains, based on the latest data released by Crypto.com. This incredible achievement showcases the level of adoption and usage of DeFiChain in the DeFi ecosystem, highlighting our commitment to delivering secure and innovative solutions. More details can be found here.
  • 6% of the total market capitalization of $EUROC is currently tied up within the DeFiChain ecosystem. This figure emphasizes the growing importance of our platform within the broader financial landscape. Learn more here.
  • Jellywallet recently hosted an Easter giveaway campaign, offering a chance to win $100 (DFI) for one lucky winner. The campaign was a fun and engaging way for users to interact with the DeFiChain community and showcased the platform's commitment to rewarding its users. Check out the campaign details here and here.

That wraps up this week's update. Stay tuned for more news and developments, and remember to keep building and innovating!


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