Weekly Update – Celebrating DevHack Winners, New Releases, and More!

Dec 22, 2023

Welcome back to our weekly DeFiChain community update! This week, we're brimming with news about the DevHack 2023 winners, a new DeFiChain update, and exciting developments in the MetaChain ecosystem. Let's dive in!

DevHack 2023 by DeFiChain: Prize Track Winners

Last week, we announced MapX as the grand prize winner and DeFiChain.in as the runner-up in our DevHack 2023 hackathon. Today, we are thrilled to highlight the skilled teams and individuals who won across the individual prize tracks:

  • DApp Ecosystem Expansion: Landly wins this category for their innovative contribution.
  • DFI Token: MetaTinder takes the top spot.
  • Non-Track Specific: Big congratulations to DeFi Chatbot, DeFiChain.in & Travel Defy for their outstanding projects.

DeFiChain 4.0.6 Release

Last week saw the release of DeFiChain 4.0.6. This update addresses the path issue in the Windows release file and includes essential fee filter system fixes JellyVerse needs. Stay updated and download the latest version here.

Why Build on DeFiChain?

Considering where to develop your next project? Here are some compelling reasons to choose DeFiChain:

  • Community-Driven Approach
  • Seamless Integration with Bitcoin
  • High Performance and Scalability
  • Multi-Functional and User-Friendly

You can learn more about the unique aspects of DeFiChain in our detailed blog post.

DeFiChain 101: Liquidity Mining Explained

Liquidity mining on DeFiChain offers an opportunity to earn rewards by contributing to liquidity pools. When you add your digital assets like BTC, ETH, USDT, and many more to provide liquidity on DeFiChain, you receive rewards in DFI proportionally to the value of your assets and, depending on the liquidity pool. The more liquidity you contribute, the more mining rewards you can earn! For a deeper understanding, check out this post:

Ecosystem Project Updates:

DeFiChain Punks on MetaChain

The DeFiChain Punks collection has made its way to the MetaChain EVM layer. Following a successful mainnet airdrop, look forward to buying and selling punks on AtlantisNFT, MetaChain's first NFT marketplace! Stay updated on the launch here.

Javsphere Announces Airdrop & dUSD Staking

Javsphere announced earlier this week that you can now stake your dUSD with their new StakeX service and announced plans for an airdrop of their $JAV token using their new dUSD staking service.

For more information, be sure to follow them on X: https://x.com/Javsphere/status/1737780862505136184?s=20


Make sure to catch up on the latest DeFiChain News Show episode, featuring a year-end recap of the MetaChain layer. Watch it here:

As always, we're thrilled to see the community's growth and innovation. Your passion and creativity continue to drive DeFiChain forward. Looking forward to what the future holds! Stay tuned for more updates next week. 🚀


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