Weekly Update – 4 Million Blocks, New Oracle Price Feeds, Hardfork, And More!

May 24, 2024

Hi DeFiChain community,

As another week rolls by, we bring you the latest updates, developments, and opportunities within the DeFiChain ecosystem. Let's get straight into the highlights of this week.

Celebrating 4 Million Blocks on DeFiChain

Back in 2019, it was just a dream to bring DeFi to Bitcoin by offering secure staking, liquidity mining and RWAs.

On Tuesday, DeFiChain just minted its 4,000,000th block, and the dream has become a reality. 

The next millionth block will bring new opportunities and innovations, but the founding vision stays the same: democratizing an open and transparent financial future for all.

Virtual Event: Unlock the Power of Decentralized Applications with MetaChain!

Are you ready to dive into the world of dApps and explore the cutting-edge DeFiChain MetaChain layer? Join us for an immersive virtual workshop designed to guide you through the process of building your first decentralized application (dApp) on this innovative platform.

📅 Date: Thursday, May 30th
⏰ Time: 5:00 PM SGT
🌐 Location: DeFiChain Dev Discord

More details and registration here: 👉 https://lu.ma/zix6ijt0

Introducing new Oracle Price Feeds on DeFiChain

DeFiChain is introducing new Oracle price feeds from Supra's DORA, and Javsphere's Pyth Network-powered system. These advancements solidify DeFiChain's position as a leader in DeFi, driving the future of a secure, transparent, and interoperable financial ecosystem.

Find out more about it in our blog post.

Successful Hardfork

DeFiChain has successfully implemented the planned Hardfork at block 4,006,000, introducing several significant updates. The detailed release notes can be found here.

Key updates include:

👉 Support for Stock Splits: Native on-chain support for stock splits, removing the need for oracle multipliers.

👉 Token Renaming: Introducing the ability to rename tokens on-chain, a feature that was previously unavailable.

👉 Future Swap Limitations: Enhanced swap functionality with new limitations for better management.

👉 General Performance Enhancements: Improved responsiveness of RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) and overall performance optimizations.

More about it here:

Ecosystem Project Updates

  • OctoDeFi

@Octo_Defi unveiled their new SmartWallet with “account abstraction” in an introduction video. 

Watch it here:

  • Javsphere

@Javsphere’s $JAV token has been listed on Bitrue.

Find out more about it here:

  • Bake

@Bake_io is having a $JAV airdrop for its elite members.

More about it here:

  • Crowdswap

@CrowdSwap_App just launched their 2024 CROWD Airdrop

More about it here:

  • DEX Trading Live

@DexTradingLive launched their $DTL Content Creation Campaign. 

More about it here:

Note: The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consider consulting with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

That's all for this week's update. We're thrilled to see the community's continuous support and enthusiasm as we forge ahead with new developments and milestones. Stay tuned for more news and updates from DeFiChain!


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