Voting Results: DeFiChain Improvement & Community Proposals

Jan 11, 2021

The voting on DeFiChain Improvement Proposals 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as Community Development Fund Proposal 1 has ended, and we are happy to announce that all proposals have been successfully approved!

Voting Results

Out of 16 Masternodes, 15 approved and 1 rejected DFIP 3.
Out of 15 Masternodes, 14 approved and 1 rejected DFIP 4.
Out of 16 Masternodes, 14 approved and 2 rejected DFIP 5.
Out of 16 Masternodes, 13 approved and 3 rejected DFIP 6.
Out of 16 Masternodes, 15 approved and 1 rejected CDFP 1.

What will happen next

DFIP 3 will be implemented this January, which means that the Liquidity Mining rewards will be kept at 100 DFI / block without any prior reduction.

DFIP 5 & 6 will be implemented in Q1 2021, adding BCH and LTC support to the DEX & liquidity mining pools.

DFIP 4 will be implemented at the beginning of Q2 2021 and reduce the collateral required to run a masternode to 20,000 DFI.

And lastly, CDFP 1 has been approved and Daniel Zirkel will receive 10,000 DFI by the end of this week for creating and maintaining his website

We are looking forward to your feedback and discussion on GitHub and Telegram!

Your DeFiChain Team


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