Project Spotlight: Javsphere – What's New and What's Next

Jun 24, 2024

Meet Javsphere – a revolutionary platform combining real-world assets (RWAs) with the lucrative opportunities of automated DeFi yields. 

With a user-friendly interface, Javsphere is breaking down barriers and making DeFi accessible to everyone.

By tokenizing real-world assets like real estate, art, and commodities, Javsphere opens the door for new investment avenues that were previously out of reach for most investors.

This blog post explores the latest advancements by the Javsphere team, highlighting how these innovations are transforming the DeFi landscape.

Exploring Javsphere's Product Suite

Javsphere offers a diverse range of products catering to varying risk appetites and investment goals across DeFiChain's ecosystem. 

Their suite currently features three core products:

  • TradeX - Javsphere’s main DEX, where users can trade crypto, RWAs (real-world assets), and various other asset classes.
  • StakeX - A premier staking solution to earn rewards on assets like DUSD and JAV through participation incentives. Using smart contracts, users can stake effortlessly on Javsphere.
  • CryoVault - This "freezer" feature boosts StakeX rewards by locking assets for fixed periods of time, enabling maximized yield generation.

In addition, the team is preparing to launch LeverageX, a revolutionary product that promises to transform the investment landscape. LeverageX will offer leverage trading for stocks and other RWAs, positioning it as a game-changer in the DeFi space.

New Product: LeverageX

LeverageX is a revolutionary new product offering leverage trading for stocks and other real-world assets, something no other platform currently does. This unique approach positions LeverageX as a trailblazer in the DeFi landscape.

Key Benefits of LeverageX

LeverageX brings several unique benefits to its users, making it an attractive option for investors looking to diversify and maximize their returns:

  1. Diversification: LeverageX allows users to access a broader range of assets, including stocks, providing a powerful leverage boost. This diversification helps mitigate risks and opens up new investment opportunities.
  2. Real Yield: Investors on LeverageX earn real yield through trading fees, offering a constant return on their capital. This feature ensures that investments are not just speculative but also generate tangible returns.
  3. Decentralized Security: By operating on a decentralized platform, LeverageX offers complete control and transparency, minimizing the risks associated with centralized platforms. This decentralized security is a significant advantage in today's volatile financial markets.

How Does LeverageX Work?

LeverageX operates with two primary roles: liquidity providers and traders, each playing a crucial part in the ecosystem.

Liquidity Providers
Investors provide liquidity to the platform by depositing assets such as DFI, JAV, and stablecoins into the LeverageX pool. In return, they receive LP tokens that represent their share of the pool. These liquidity providers earn a share of the trading fees and funding rates, making it a profitable venture.

Traders utilize the liquidity provided to open leveraged positions. They deposit collateral like DFI, JAV, or stablecoins into LeverageX and place orders to open long or short positions with leverage. Traders pay trading and borrowing fees, which are added to the pool. If a trader's position is liquidated, the remaining collateral is added to the pool, benefiting the liquidity providers.

A standout feature of LeverageX is its proprietary oracle system, which works in combination with other oracles to ensure accurate and reliable price feeds. This system is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the trading platform. Additionally, LeverageX is multichain ready and plans to expand to other chains after launching on the DeFiChain MetaChain layer.

The Technology Behind LeverageX

The technology that powers LeverageX is both robust and innovative, similar to platforms like GMX and Gains but with a distinct focus on stocks and real-world assets. Here’s a comparison to highlight its unique position:

  • GMX: With a total volume of $176 billion and generating $320 million in trading fees, GMX is a significant player in the DeFi space.
  • Gains: Gains has a total volume of $71 billion, generating $40 million in trading fees, primarily focusing on cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities.

While GMX and Gains focus mainly on these areas, LeverageX distinguishes itself by offering leverage on stocks, setting a new standard in the market.

LeverageX Marketing Campaign

In an ambitious move to drive growth and community engagement, the team behind LeverageX has proposed a $200,000 marketing campaign. This initiative is crucial for the platform’s development, promising numerous benefits for the community. Below, we explore the details of the proposal, its strategic importance, and the steps needed for community participation.

Strategic Allocation of Funds

The decision to allocate $200,000, instead of swapping to DUSD, is a calculated strategy. This amount was initially raised during the community distribution and intended to be swapped for DUSD. However, due to recent price volatility and upcoming DeFiChain Improvement Proposals, the future of DUSD remains uncertain.

Despite these uncertainties, the team remains fully committed to DUSD and the DeFiChain, believing in DUSD's potential to stabilize and grow through current improvement proposals rather than relying solely on monetary intervention. This strategy ensures that the ecosystem remains robust and adaptable to future developments.

This proposal marks a significant step into on-chain governance for LeverageX, offering the community a direct voice in strategic decisions. It is more than just a proposal; it is an opportunity for the community to shape the future of The Jeff Sphere actively.

Marketing Campaign Details

The $200,000 marketing campaign is designed to maximize impact, ensuring stability and driving growth for the entire Javsphere ecosystem. Here are the key components of the campaign:

  1. Target New User Groups: Attracting traders and crypto investors who are new to the platform.
  2. Focused Advertising: Deploying targeted advertising campaigns on popular crypto platforms and social media channels.
  3. Partnerships and Sponsorships: Forming strategic partnerships with key influencers and sponsoring crypto events to increase visibility.
  4. Educational Content: Creating high-quality educational content to inform potential users about the benefits of LeverageX.

This comprehensive approach aims not only to bring in new users but also to positively influence platform usage, resulting in higher trading fees and more rewards for Jeff token holders. This will significantly enhance the value and utility of the Jeff token.

Community Participation

In the coming weeks, the community will have the opportunity to vote on this proposal. All $JAV token holders can cast their votes via Participation is crucial, as a majority vote of more than 50% is needed for the proposal to be executed. This means the $200,000 marketing campaign will soon commence, targeting traders and crypto investors, and driving significant growth for LeverageX and the entire Javsphere ecosystem.


The imminent launch of Javsphere’s LeverageX product, which facilitates leverage trading for stocks and other RWAs, offers users diversification, real yield through trading fees, and decentralized security, ensuring full control and transparency.

The $200,000 marketing campaign for LeverageX is a strategic initiative aimed at driving substantial growth and community engagement. By targeting new user groups, employing focused advertising, establishing key partnerships, and producing educational content, the campaign seeks to attract traders and crypto investors.

Community participation in the upcoming vote is essential, as it will determine Javsphere's future direction and ensure a resilient, dynamic ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. All $JAV token holders are encouraged to vote on the proposal via


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