Coming Soon: The All New DeFiChain Website

Oct 20, 2022

DeFiChain's website has served as the main information hub of the ecosystem since its inception. It’s the place to find the most important information about developer assets, downloads and information about projects built on DeFiChain.

But with DeFiChain constantly adding new products and growing its utility, it's about time to overhaul the website and make it fit for the future. As a result, Birthday Research has teamed up with the DeFiChain Accelerator team to create a website that will enable stakeholders to enjoy an enhanced customer experience and a great starting point into the world of DeFiChain.

A couple of weeks ago, on 1 October, the first project of this kind kicked off. In the next 2-3 months, the teams will collaborate to launch a brand-new website in January 2023.

Moreover, there are several reasons why this collaboration makes sense:

  • Having worked together on DeFiChain for over a year now, both teams bring extensive expertise in design, marketing, content creation, and development into this partnership.
  • Getting the branding right and making sure the project fits into the overall blockchain industry is crucial for the success of any project. Both teams have a lot of experience in this area and are able to create a consistent narrative, especially with the upcoming launch of DeFi Meta Chain (DMC).
  • Decentralized projects require efficient use of resources. Besides saving time, this collaboration saves DeFiChain money as well.

As part of the website revamp, the two teams are going to:

  • Rethink the customer journey on the page, so it is more focused on users and developers.
  • Redesign every element of the website from top to bottom.
  • Ensure the best organic ranking and search results by working with world-leading SEO agencies.
  • Bringing in KOLs from the DeFiChain community to help define DeFiChain's look.

This collaboration between DeFiChain Accelerator and Birthday Research is the first of many such partnerships. With the impending DeFi Meta Chain, the community can expect to see more collaborations and promotional activities which will further accelerate the growth of DeFiChain. Exciting plans await!

In the coming weeks, the two teams will share more information about the projects. The goal is to keep the community informed and also incorporate their valuable feedback. Please feel free to reach out to DeFiChain Accelerator team and send them your feedback if you wish to make your voice heard.


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