Doubling Your Money With Decentralized Assets?

Dec 4, 2021

In the last article, we explained what Decentralized Assets on DeFiChain are and how they work. Now, we are going to discuss why it may very well be possible to double your money with Decentralized Assets in the next few weeks alone, and how this is actually possible.

Click Here to watch a detailed video explaining why and how you could double your money

Reasons why you might be able to double your money with Decentralized Assets

As you learned in the last article, Decentralized Assets and with that liquidity pools will soon be launching on DeFiChain.

Last year, when Liquidity Mining first launched on the Decentralized Exchange, we saw this happen with the DFI price:

Screenshot taken from

It went from just below 20 cents to over 2 dollars within weeks.

Are we going to see the same this time around? Of course, nobody can predict that, and it is unlikely that history will repeat in the exact same way as it did before. But: history often rhymes.

This time, there are more variables in play. Last year, when the Decentralized Exchange and Liquidity Mining on DeFiChain first launched, there were only three liquidity pools: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT (coupled with DFI).

Now, there are 16 liquidity pools for Decentralized Assets alone. So the economics have become much more complex. But still, it is possible to make a lot of money:

After one whole year of Liquidity Mining on DeFiChain being live already, you can still make over 90% APR on the BTC-DFI liquidity pool, for example.

BTC-DFI Liquidity Pool as of 3rd December 2021

Now we have 16 more liquidity pools coming, which all have different rewards based on volatility and trading volume. The DUSD pool for example receives 50% of the entire rewards, and dTSLA will be receiving 10%, as explained in the previous article.

Depending on how high the liquidity in these pools is – and it may very well be low in the beginning – the APR could thus be incredibly high.

Last year we saw hundreds of percent APR during the first days of the liquidity mining launch, and that may very well repeat this time around.

If you took the current liquidity and reward ratio of the new Decentralized Asset pools, you would even get thousands of percent in APR:

Image taken from

And 3000% APR as it would be right now in the DUSD-DFI liquidity pool means doubling your money from liquidity mining rewards alone in just 12 days, not even taking into account a potential and likely price increase of DFI during this time period.

Still, there are 3 major strategies that you can use to maximize your profits in the next few weeks, and here you can learn all about them.


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