Upcoming DFIP/CFP Schedule Changes

Dec 14, 2022

With the introduction of On-Chain Governance (OCG) in the Grand Central Hardfork, there will be changes to the requirements for (1) proposal submission, and (2) voting schedule:

  1. Proposal submission: Every proposal has to be available on the blockchain for 130,000 blocks (approximately 45 days) before the vote becomes valid. This will be referred to as the proposal ingestion period.
  2. Proposal voting period: Upon submission, all proposals are eligible for voting in the next 260,000 blocks (~90 days) . For proposals that have fulfilled the 130,000-block ingestion period, masternodes can vote for them across the next 45 days (130,000 blocks)

Refer to the timeline below for an illustration of the standard flow for a proposal submission and voting schedule:

Upon close examination, it is evident that for the first cycle of DFIP/CFP voting with OCG, Masternodes will not be able to start voting from day 0 of proposal submission, and last for a period of 90 days. While voters are able to immediately take part in a proposal, any votes submitted for a proposal only become valid after the proposal completes a 45 day period of ingestion., given that none of the proposals would have fulfilled the criteria of being available on the blockchain for 130,000 blocks. To circumvent this, special provisions will have to be made.


Specifically, the table below details the schedule for the inaugural and subsequent DFIP/CFP proposal creation and voting. The row highlighted in green indicates what a normal voting cycle would look like with 130,000 blocks for each window after two rounds of on-chain CFP/DFIP round.


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