DeFiChain Labs Tech Sync – April 2024

May 2, 2024

Last week, the DeFiChain Labs team held their monthly Community Engineering Sync, providing updates on the current projects and initiatives the team is tackling. These included:

Token Migration for Stock Splits

A major focus has been properly handling token migrations for stock splits on the Changi test network. Jeremy has been refining this by upgrading the DST20 contract to have an additional "migrate tokens" method. This will trigger token transfers in and out of the contract, providing clearer logs and traceability on the EVM side when stock splits occur.

EVM TraceTransaction Capabilities

The team made solid progress on EVM trace transaction functionality. A separate branch (PR #2881) has this functionality implemented, though one remaining issue causes nodes to go out of sync when trace transaction calls are made. Jeremy will be taking over investigation and refinement of this over the next month.

Here’s a list of the EVM TraceTransaction:

Ocean API Integration

The Ocean API, which brings decentralized data/file hosting capabilities, is nearing completion of being fully integrated into the node itself rather than a separate service. Internal alpha testing should be ready soon, with a public branch available for community testing in the coming weeks.

Dynamic Negative Interest Rates (PR #2816) and Pool Swap Improvements (PR #2822) around null refunds were other initiatives tackled.

On the operational side, the team is preparing ibit implementation on the main net after successful test execution. The latest CFP payout is also ready for review.

The DeFiChain Labs team shows no signs of slowing down their momentum on pushing the DeFiChain protocol forward. This month's updates highlight their relentless efforts to improve the core technology across multiple fronts - from stock tokenization to decentralized data hosting to transaction tracing and debugging.

Those interested in getting their hands on the upcoming enhancements should monitor the project's communication channels and documentation for instructions on how to access and test the pre-release code.


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