DeFiChain x Bybit

Jun 9, 2022

DeFiChain’s native token $DFI is now listed on Bybit –– a leading exchange that focuses on building a one-stop crypto destination to empower crypto believers to achieve their dreams.

The ERC20 version of $DFI is now tradeable on Bybit’s Spot Trading platform and can be freely exchanged for other coins or sent to any other wallet that supports the $DFI ERC20 standard.

But that’s not all! From 10:00 UTC on June 1, 2022 until 11:59 UTC on June 24, 2022, 10AM UTC, new and existing Bybit users can gain exclusive access to a 150,000 USDC prize pool as long as they deposit $DFI.

To claim a share, all you need to do is to deposit at least 120 DFI into your Bybit account during the event period. Your final reward is based on your accumulated deposit volume. The higher your deposit volume, the larger your cut of the prize pool.


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