2023 Unwrapped: Celebrating DeFiChain’s Milestones and Breakthroughs

Dec 29, 2023

2023 was a momentous year for DeFiChain filled with groundbreaking achievements that expanded the capabilities and utility of the platform. From launching decentralized on-chain governance to releasing the interoperability-enabling MetaChain layer, DeFiChain continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with decentralized finance.

As the year draws to an end, it’s important to acknowledge the hard work that made this year so successful. Whether coding cutting-edge features, documenting processes, creating educational materials, or discussing big ideas – every contribution mattered. DeFiChain has built an inclusive ecosystem where everyone can play a part advancing the platform. But now let's unwrap what we've achieved together in 2023.


Decentralized finance enabled on Bitcoin. A blockchain dedicated to fast, intelligent and transparent financial services, accessible by everyone.

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